Monday, June 29, 2009

Murray Answers Health Care Reform Email.....Or Does She?

I recently said in my previous post Kill the Health Care Reform Bill that I wrote both of my state's senators (and our Congressman) about my concerns with the health care legislation circulating through Congress currently.

I told them in pretty clearly that I am opposed to the legislation and that I am firmly opposed to any form of a government-run public plan.

As I stated in the post, I told them that if they did vote for this legislation that I would absolutely not forget it come election time.

Here is the response I got from Senator Patty Murray (actually I will just post some excerpts from it to give you the general jest of it):

"Reforming health care is one of the most critical challenges current facing our country.........
......I believe America's health care system is in crisis.....
....Health care reform efforts should strive to ensure that affordable, high-quality, and meaningful health coverage options are available to all Americans. It should be a top priority to ensure Americans have access to coverage that allows them to see a doctor when they need to.........
.....Health care reform will be a major priority for the 111th Congress.....I will be working on affordability, access.....and many other related issues.......we need to expand access and push for affordability, but also maintain quality.....
.........thank you for contacting me about this important issue........"

What a load of horse crap. Obviously it is a canned response. I understand that the Senator is busy and does not have the time to get back to everyone who writes an email or a letter that it sent to them. I am not so naive as to think she is actually responding to these emails. But I would at least think that one of her administrative assistants or office people would take the time to actually address the issues that I brought up.

Nope. A canned response is what I got.

Message: I don't care enough to respond to you because I am too busy trying to push the Democratic Party's agenda through Congress to take the time to talk to the people I work for.

If you remember correctly, back in November I posted an article titled Senator Murray Answers E-Mail....sort of where I showed how I got a canned response from where I voiced some concerns to her and her canned response had nothing to do with the questions I had.

As I said in
that post and as I said in the Kill the Reform Bill post, this is one senator that continues to dig her grave in my book. I will absolutely NOT be voting for her come election time and I urge my fellow Washington readers to do the same.


  1. Taxation without representation... hmmm I see a tea party in your future.

  2. Senator Murray is not one of my favorite people in the world.