Thursday, June 04, 2009

Remakes Galore!

Apparently Hollywood is basically out of ideas. That is understandable. It seems that nothing new has really been done. So what does Hollywood do now? Pack it all up and find ways to entertain people in others ways?

Naw! We'll just remake movies! So Hollywood is well on its way to remaking several films.

Here is a list I found at Den of Geek of some that have been announced and/or rumored:

Romancing the Stone
Fantastic Voyage
Back to School (yes, someone wants to re-make a Rodney Dangerfield film. With Cedric the Entertainer in the lead role this time).
The Dirty Dozen
Clash of the Titans (This movie desperately needs to be re-done)
The Karate Kid (it is rumored that Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith, is attached to the lead role)
Footloose (w/High School Musical's Zac Efron in the lead role)
Red Dawn
Short Circuit
Hell Raiser
Logans Run
Flash Gordon
Rosemary's Baby
The Evil Dead
Nightmare on Elm Street
Escape from New York

And if you don't think some of these ideas are bad enough, Den of Geek also has a list of TV shows that are rumored to be hitting the big screen:

Magnum P.I.
Arrested Development
The A Team
V: The 2nd Generation
Fraggle Rock (disturbing)
The Smurfs (I think most of us already knew about this one)

These movies are TV shows are not the only ones on the list, you can visit the website to view them all. I just listed these because they looked the most interesting to me.

Along the same lines, Spike put together a list of the Top Remakes We Didn't Need that I found somewhat interesting:

I Am Legend (remake of The Last Man on Earth)
Meet Joe Black (remake of Death Takes a Holiday)
Vanilla Sky (remake of a Spanish film called Open Your Eyes)
War of the Worlds
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (remake of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)
King Kong
Planet of the Apes



  2. Bravo, bravo... encore!

    I HATE the movie remakes of TV shows, they are never like the original.. mission impossible for example was a GREAT tv series that was NOTHING like those stupid tom cruise movies... and so on.

    You are right that Hollywood is out of ideas... but I could have told you that. Most of them didn't graduate from HS in the first place and the rest graduated but didn't pay attention in class... so ideas are in short supply from that crowd.

  3. I graduated from high school myself but did not really pay much attention. However I did graduate knowing how to read and write. Math, that's another story. Math is the reason I don't have a post-high school degree yet.

  4. I'm sorry... I wasn't paying attention ...but I ended up with a 2 year degree.

  5. Besides Arrested Development...I am just not interested. Can't we get some new ideas Hollywood!?!?

  6. Yeah. I don't even have a 2 year degree. All because of a math class that I refuse to take. LOL!

  7. I just blogged about my education (or lack thereof). LOL!