Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sean Salazar On The Issues

Sean Salazar is one of the candidates rumored to be running against Patty Murray for United States Senator of Washington.

Okay, I might be jumping the gun on this a bit but it's never too early in my opinion to jump on the get Murray out of office bandwagon!

Here are a few of his thoughts that I thought I would mention.

Sean on Education

Supports a transition from textbooks to laptops.

I agree with this idea. As Mr. Salazar states this will prepare our children for the "digital and technological based world." I also think that in the long run this idea would be a lost cheaper and of course would decrease the need for paper-based products which even the environmentalists could agree with.

Sean on Health Care

Opposes a universal health care system. He cites the models of the European and Canadian systems as inferior. He supports health care reform that is "available to all but still based on a competitive system that produces choices and quality."

I agree with him on this one too.

Sean on Energy Policy

He believes that our nation's energy policy is not only an environmental issue but also a national security issue.
He supports becoming energy independent and feels that our country has placed itself "at the mercy of OPEC."
He supports developing ecologically safe and self producing energy resources such as wind power, natural gas, nuclear and hydrogen power.
He supports tax credits to businesses that research 'green' based energy sources.

You can find out more about Sean at his official campaign website here.


  1. Based on this little bit of information, this guys sounds okay to me.

  2. Yeah. He seems like a pretty decent guy.

    My first interest in him was mostly just because he is running against Patty Murray in 2010.

  3. His campaign website account has been suspended... at least that's what it says when I try to go there.

  4. weird! it is doing that to me too!

  5. We got a call today about asking to host a meeting for him in our city and the guy on the phone said his page would be down for about a week. We first saw him (and heard of him) while we were at the town hall meeting put on by FOX13/KVI. He made a small speech. Sounds decent. And I agree... anybody running against Patty Murray is worth taking a look at! :-)

    Monika Charters MacLean