Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stop The Madness!

zTruth recently posted the article President Obama suggested stop medical treatment to terminally ill. I read it and could not believe what I was reading.

Seriously? Did our President actually suggest this? That can't be. I know the guy is an ultra-liberal moron but he would not go this far, would he?

So I went over to the LA Times article that she cited and read that too.

I am amazed that the President of the free world (well, it is still free for now anyway) would actually propose this.

In the post, zTruth asks the question 'What will happen if the government is the one who makes those kinds of decisions for you or your family?'

Like she said in her post, this idea is the beginning of rationed health care.

This is exactly the reason that the government needs to stay out of health care altogether.

This is exactly the reason that the proposal for a public health plan option needs to be thrown in the congressional garbage can.

The government is in charge of our money. What has that resulted in? The economy of the country is in the toilet and we have a federal deficit that we may never recover from.

I could name several things that government has taken over and crapped up.

Do we really want the government involved in our health care? The health care of our families? Do we really want the government telling us when it is time to let our loved ones go?

I told everyone months and month ago, long before the loser was elected, that there was something about him I didn't trust. I lost my mind for a second and even supported him for a very short time but I got my head screwed on correctly again and remembered that I did not trust him.

Now you all know why I don't trust him. I will not trust him with my money. I will not trust him with our armed services. I will not trust him with foreign relations. I will not trust him with fixing the economy. I will not trust him with our health care system. I will not trust him sam I am (lol!)

The guy is just flat out non-presidential material. The guy never should have gotten as far as he did in politics. The sad thing is, from what I have been reading, he has quite a bit of support with the American people. I guess that just means that the reason our country is going to hell in a hand basket is because the people in this country are absolutely duped.

They were duped to think he was going to change things in this country. Oh wait, no, they weren't duped. He is going to change things in this country. For the worse.

Oh please God, let 2010 get here quickly before he causes any real damage and please allow the people in this country grow a brain and elect some people that will stand up to him and his agenda and keep it from happening.


Again I ask, recall anyone? There can't be anybody from the other side that could possibly do anything any worse than what could happen with Obama at the helm. I seriously fear for our country.

It is time to stop the madness.


  1. I'm sorry Otter, I love you man.... but next time you realize the country is about to elect someone to office that is destructive to the nation... vote for the guy (or gal) that actually has a chance to beat him instead of some 3rd party nobody.

  2. I take exception to that Red. Steve voted his conscious and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Besides, his state, WA, was pretty much guaranteed to go to Obama so his vote for Nader really didn’t make a difference in how the state’s electoral votes were cast.

    This is the big problem with the Electoral College. Individual votes, for President at least, in many states do not matter. Mine sure doesn’t matter because no matter who I vote for, the state of OK’s seven electoral votes will go to the Republican EVERY SINGLE TIME. I could vote for Mickey Mouse (if that was even an option considering how ridiculously strict the laws are in this state about getting on the ballot) and it wouldn’t matter. Aside from my blog, and maybe smaller local elections (and even that is a stretch), I have no voice in the political process in this state.

    On the topic of this post, I think that health care rationing is a horrible idea and the President’s health care reform bill needs to fail miserably. This actually disturbs me greatly that he would think like this, but I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Exactly!

    I really don’t see how my voting for John McCain would have helped anything at all. I’m a little fish in a big Democratic Party pond. My vote means nothing here.

  4. Now, now. This is now the time to argue about who voted for who ... that horse left the barn last November. You guys are, for once, on the same page. Barack Hussein Obama (May His name be ever praised) has proven to be as dangerous to the Republic as his critics said. I think a good case can be made that John McCain would have us staring down the barrel of socialized medicine AND cap and tax too, possibly with a greater chance to pull off both.

    If ever we wish to recapture citizen control of the Republic, we need to quit voting for parties, which are both run by Progressives who want bigger, more powerful government, and instead force candidates to confess to us what they actually believe.

    This "new" way is actually an old way: respect for individual liberties. Every individual, rich, poor, black, white, whatever. You do this, you have no need to embrace (fictitious) group "rights."

    Can you imagine: letting people die because their worth is no longer sufficient for "society"? And they can't even spend their own money on the procedures they need under the coming health regime.

    Don't give up, Otter. You are a seed of wisdom planted in the Great Northwest. Bloom!

  5. Otter, I am impressed with your response here. I thought you were a total liberal and would have stood up for Obama, no matter what. My mistake.

  6. No worries, Z. I am not a total liberal. Some of my position on the issues lean to the left but a lot of my political theory actually does lean closer to the right. I would have to say that I am a hard core centrist. LOL!

    And no, I do not support Obama on anything. I did not vote for the man. I don't trust him. Did not trust him when he was running. I do not trust him now.

    Thanks for stopping by Z.

  7. I don't know what to think actually. I witnessed this forum on ABC and there were things I didn't agree with Obama on but there were other things I did. I think there is some validity to what he is saying if we actually can get some kind of objectivity and science under it. All he's saying is that if someone is terminally ill and a surgery or procedure really isn't going to help them then there's no reason to put them through it and let the hospital and the doctors charge up a big medical bill that their family will be stuck paying later. Key words "really isn't going to help them." I know most of the time we can't know that, so I definitely would say let's let the doctor and the family make that decision not the government.

  8. Thank you Dave the Oklahomilist for stopping by and leaving some comments.

    Scott: I totally agree with you. If it were me and my doctor making the decision to end treatment because it would not help that is one thing.

    But for the government to flat out tell me i have to end treatment. no way.

    simply put, the government has no business getting involved in my or your or anyone's health care decisions.

    am I going to take medical advise from someone who is trying everything they can to cut costs because they can't learn to spend less than they take in? absolutely not!

    they should stick to what they know best. spending money they don't have on things that are completely unncecessary.

  9. Not that I approve of them doing that mind you.

  10. yeah ok - I never ever have anything to say on your (boring, nerd) blog ... but ...

    I think I disagree with Scott. That's great in theory, but who gets to decide whether or not it will help?

    What does the government do in my situation? When we don't have the first clue whether or not the chemo will work. If they aren't SURE, we can skip it?

    And who decides what's terminal? My friend Bill was given 2 months to live ... he lived more than 3 years and changed lives. Should he have gotten no more care? Or only some care?

    I don't trust the government in general ... I SURELY do not trust them to make ANY decisions about my health care.

  11. Right.

    These type of decisions should be left up to the patient and his or her doctor.....not the government.