Monday, June 01, 2009

The Tiller Shooting

I just want to go on record as a pro-life individual that says that I do not condone nor approve of the actions that led to the shooting death of Dr Tiller.

In fact, I will say that I outright condemn those actions.

You see I am pro "life." I am not a person that says it is okay to kill one person and not the next person.

I admit. I do not agree with the doctor's chosen profession. Let me rephrase. I do not condone nor approve of the abortion activities of Dr. Tiller. I do not like the fact that he participated thousands of times in the death of babies.

However. I do not think that killing the man solved anything. In fact, I would say that it made matters worse. Now all the pro-choicers are going to use this event to show the world how intolerable the pro-life crowd is. It is disgusting.

Again. I am pro "life."  I'm not even pro death penalty like some pro-life folks are.

I do not believe that it is right for one person to take the life of another. End of story.

Anyone that thinks all pro lifers are women hating, abortion clinic bombing, abortion doctor killing, hard-core conservatives that owe their allegiance to the GOP and the GOP only.........are wrong.

I don't hate women. 

I don't bomb abortion clinics. I don't kill abortion doctors. I have never even thought about partaking in either of these activities. I think these sort of activities are counter productive to my way of thinking.

And I would not consider myself a "hard-core" conservative even. And I certainly do not claim allegiance to the GOP.

My prayers go out to the family of Dr Tiller in their time of grief.  However, as much as I condemn his actions, my prayers also go out to the man that did the shooting. 


  1. Now we have had these discussions before, and we disagree. Fair enough, but now the conversation has changed. For years Doctor Tillman had a bulls eye painted on his back by extremists who were opposed to the law. His clinic was bombed and someone shot him in both of his arms.

    Some, including you, libel Doctor Tiller by calling him a murderer. Murder is a crime and since the Doctor committed no crimes as judged by multiple court hearings, truth is no defense in the charge of libel.

    You, as I am, are now members of the media, publishing to a virtually unlimited audience. My caution is not directed at the legal ramifications of such libelous claims, but the parroting of incendiary language of irresponsible shock jocks and zealots. Bill O'Rielly spent five years using such language against Doctor Tiller.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    As for your own post, and I am assuming you are very careful with your word choice and sequence, I noted this:
    I am not a person that says it is okay to kill one person and not the next person.I ran this through my oil filter (now with flavor crystals) and what I saw was "His life has no more value than those he killed." Even though the Doctor never killed anyone or he would be in jail like Scott Roeder.

    The point being is their are crazies out there (the main reason I use a pseudonym) who will always have a negative impact on the left (dirty effing hippies) and on the right (dangerous extremist wackjobs).

    So pardon me if your sincerity is stretched to the point of ludicrousity when you spend years labeling people murderers (they aren't) and shocked, shocked you say, that someone throws a bomb or pulls a trigger.

    Yet your biggest embarrassment is the glimpse America gets up your petticoat to see your chastity belt of intolerance and the gnawing fear the rumor mill will politicize a political assassination.

    Granted, my side of the aisle is full of fuzzy-headed, Birkenstock wearing, tree hugging pacifistic wackjobs.

    But your side is armed to the teeth. Don't ask me to feel your victimhood when one of them starts shooting.

    And this comment, edited numerous times by me, is the nicest thing I can think of to say to people like you right now. Suffice it to say I am upset.

  2. First of all. Let me something really clear.

    What is this your side, my side crap? I claim no allegience to the left or the right. They are both full of whack jobs.

    If I had a "side" it most certainly would not be "armed to the teeth" as you put it.

    And since you asked, I did not ask you to "feel your victimhood" when someone is not on my "side" shoots another human being.

    Second of all, your "oil filter"ing of what I have said is quite plainly a crock. I said that I do not think it is okay to kill anyone, regardless of circumstance. I did not however say anybodies life has more value than another. Your point in trying to assume what it is I am saying is pointless.

    I am not embarrassed in the least bit about anything I have said here.

    My side. What kind of ignorant bullshit is that?

    I would expect someone like you that has read my blog in the past know that I don't favor the liberal or conservative movement. They both suck in my opinion.

  3. Now I am really confused. But the hour is late here not like in WA.

  4. Actually, it is getting kind of late here too Jim.

    However, I will leave you with this thought to perhaps clear up some of your confusion.

    I dislike the "left" and the "right" equally. I think they both spend entirely too much time trying to prove that they are right and the other side is wrong.

    It is counter-productive. Time spend on actually dealing with issues or presenting and implementing solutions to our world's problems is needless wasted on smear campaigns to attack the other side.

    That is why I do not favor either side.

    That help Jim?

  5. Oh, pardon me, I had no idea I was dealing with a "moderate centrist" who lives in the delusional world that the place where he stands is equidistance from the "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right..." in the strawberry fields of reasonableness.

    Usually when someone complains about an act that "made matters worse" has claimed victimhood status.

    Now all the pro-choicers are going to use this event to show the world how intolerable the pro-life crowd is. It is disgusting.Is intolerance a disadvantage? Do you feel victimized? Sounds that way to me, just saying.

    Scott Roeder was a follower of Operation Rescue, a pro-life organization. Seems I read somewhere where Otter was pro-life. This is the "side" you belong to.

    Let me check that oil filter one more time. Oh, I see the problem. I was being to esoteric and nuanced. I'll try direct translation. You said:

    I am not a person that says it is okay to kill one person and not the next person.Here we are dealing with two people. The killing of the first is in the affirmative and the sparing of the second is in the negative.

    After further review, you have thrown me a Gordian knot. This sentence is incomprehensible due to the double negative structure.

    As far as your "side" goes, the pro-coathanger crowd shoots people and throws bombs.

    And even you can understand that.

  6. lol, so kitty... leaving self-defense aside, are unborn children the only people you approve of killing outright?

  7. "I am not a person that says it is okay to kill one person and not the next person.Here we are dealing with two people. The killing of the first is in the affirmative and the sparing of the second is in the negative."

    No, you are interpreting a simple comment incorrectly..again. Let me make it even more clear for you. I do not condone the killing of ANYONE. Neither killing is in the affirmative. They are both negative. I don't understand where you are getting the idea that I think either killing is okay.

    Yes, I do think the doctor is a murderer. He kills babies. The reason he is not in jail because of it is that currently abortion is not considered a crime.

    You say that you believe a woman has the right to choose. I can respect that opinion. But I submit to you that their "choice" to terminate a pregnancy is robbing the right to live of another individual. So you are saying that the woman's life is more important than the baby. Besides, can't a woman CHOOSE to be responsbile enough not to get pregnant in the first place?

    And before you throw out the rape and incest card, keep in mind that they percentage of rapes and incest that actually result in pregnancy are so dismal, they are hardly worth mentioning. Aside from the fact that even in cases of rape and incest, a baby is still a baby, regardless of the circumstances of its life.

    "Seems I read somewhere where Otter was pro-life. This is the "side" you belong to."

    Yes Kitty, I am on the side of pro-life. You are correct. But don't use that one political issue to lump me into the general category of the ultra right-wing to try and define me. I am not part of that crowd. Just ask Red (*wink*). You know better than that. Or at least I would hope you do.

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  9. If kitty cared where you stand on things he would already know... in fact you posted on it clearly within the past few days issue by issue... duh.

    On some issues you are right of center or conservative and on other issues you are more liberal. On life you are quite consistent and clear.

    You voted for Ralph Nader for crying out loud... not exactly a right winger.

    Kitty is outraged over one murder but will ignore the murder at the military recruiting station by ... (if he wannts to play this game)... the "anti-war" crowd on what he calls "his side".

  10. Yup, you're right about point number one. It is called "taking something out of context" and I probably shouldn't have resorted to that tactic. I blame my late night, spongy, whiskey soaked brain.

    Besides, can't a woman CHOOSE to be responsbile (sic) enough not to get pregnant in the first place?I also understand the anti-choice point of irresponsible sluts should be punished with pregnancy.

    Certainly, my interpretation may annoy you, as does "your side" standing in front of a doctors office screaming "baby killer" at a million decibels for ten years.

    And when someone takes it serious, hogties the movement, stuffs it into a burlap sack and throws it into the back of your van, you clutch your pearls and wish you could retire to the swing on the veranda.

    But no, you're all trapped inside the same, beat up old van, bouncing down the road of intolerance and Christopathic crusadery screaming out of the windows that you've been hijacked by someone who finally stopped the baby killer.

    As we say, that is not a bug, it is a feature.

  11. Kitty, I would have to agree with you on the annoyance of standing in front of a doctor's office screaming 'baby killer.' I don't think I could go along with that.

    I have, however, attended a prayer vigil outside an abortion clinic. But, that is all we did. We prayed. We didn't yell at anyone. We did not try to stop anyone from entering. In fact, we did not engage with anyone inside or outside of the clinic. We just stood outside the clinic and prayed.

  12. What about someone who abused and tortured animals for fun and profit... would you stand out front and yell... "Kittenstomper"?