Monday, June 15, 2009

Top 4 Geographical Bands

This is a list of the Top 4 bands whose name comes from a geographical location (country, city, etc...)

  1. Boston
  2. Asia
  3. Green River (early grunge band named after a river in the Seattle area)
  4. Otisburg (ok, so it's a fictional city that never existed but I have to plug the band again somehow. LOL!)


  1. Alabama, Dixie Chicks, Ugly Americans, Black Oak Arkansas, Oak Ridge Boys, Texas Plowboys, Boomtown Rats, Detroit Wheels...

  2. ...and how could we forget... "Chicago"?

  3. Is Dixie considered a geographical area? And Red, I am surprised that you listen to these girls after what they said about President Bush. Frankly, I was actually a little disgusted by their comments and at the time I despised the man.

    And by the way....I am trying to forget the band Chicago. LOL!