Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Two Rights Don't Make a Left

Or vice versa.

Like the title? I thought it was clever. :)

So this is sort of continuation of the posts "Lefty or Righty" and "Lefty or Righty Part II" in addition to some of the conversations I have had with the self admitted "lefties" and "righties" on other posts recently.

I really just honestly can not claim allegiance to either side. Really.

There are some ideas the conservatives hold that I agree with. Take the pro-life stance for instance. I am pro-life. If you base my political ideology on that issue and that issue alone, you would consider me a conservative.

However, most conservatives favor the death penalty. I do not favor it. Again, I am pro-"life." I think that killing anyone is wrong. So on that basis I can not be considered a true conservative.

As I have stated before, both camps have some really good ideas. But both sides also have some I ideas I could do without.

Most "righties" are adamant about making it illegal to burn the American flag. I think making it illegal takes away a person's right of free speech and free expression.

Most "lefties" lean toward an almost militant stance on protecting the environment. I think they sometimes take it too far and even sometimes use scare tactics to prove their side is right.

I consider myself a Christian. One would think this alone makes me a conservative. I disagree. Most evangelical Christian conservatives are vehemently anti-gay. They want nothing to do with them and preach hatred against them. I believe it is not my place to judge a homosexual based on what may or may not be a sin in the eyes of God. So while I agree with some of the theology and ideology of the Christian conservatives, I do not agree with them 100%.

I was once a card carrying member of the ACLU. One would think that this alone makes me a liberal. I disagree. The ACLU stands for civil liberty and personal freedom. So do I. But I do not agree with 100% of their philosophy. I support them because I agree with that they stand for overall.

I did not vote for Obama. I did not and do not trust the man to run our country. That puts me out of the good graces of the Democratic party and with most liberals.

I did not vote for McCain. I'm not sure where this puts me with the Republicans, I'm sure out of their good graces.

So putting it all together...

Am I a lefty....sure, sometimes....but no.
Am I a righty...sure, sometimes....but no.

This is why I claim neither  political ideology (liberal/conservative) for my own. I have my own stance on the issues that fit neither sides mold completely.

So does this make me a moderate? Maybe. I'm not sure. Perhaps.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Good post otter.
    I say...
    "Too left" is where we've gone... "two rights" are what we need to correct the course.

  2. "too" left Red.

    I don't think we have gotten there yet but Obama's administration is a step in that direction I'm sure.

  3. I'm with you on this Steve. Even though I consider myself a liberal, I hold no allegiance to the “left.” I see both good and bad ideas and people coming from conservative and liberal circles. More than anything I don't think either side is always right or always wrong. To think otherwise is to be blind IMHO.

  4. lol... it's that "non-allegiance" that leads you to believe "we haven't gotten there yet" and Obama is only "a step" in that direction.

    The government now owns the housing industry, the banking industry, the auto industry and soon the healthcare industry... taxes are increasing, government control is increasing, the economy is being intentionally wrecked, the 2nd amendment is under assault, it's now "open season" on the unborn, our Prez is cozying up to dictators like Chavez, Ahmadinejad and ignoring others like Kim Jong Il as they dangle nukes and missiles in our face...

    That sounds like more than "a step" to me... more like "lockstep".

  5. agreed Red. I think with Obama he is over stepping that step but I say just a step in that direction because I don't think all is lost yet.

  6. I agree, all is not lost. Thankfully our forefathers developed a system that allows virtually anything that is done to be undone... the pendulum will swing back the other way.

  7. Let us just hope that the American people and Congress don't allow things to get too far before the government runs everything.

  8. "Hope" for "change"... who woulda' thunk it?