Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Bad Things Happen

Why does God allow bad things to happen?

This is a question that get asks by countless non-believers to those that are faithful. Sadly, this question leaves most of us dead in our tracks.

Sadly, a lot of us don't know how to answer this. I have to admit that it is a very difficult question to tackle. At least to a point to where the person asking the question is satisfied.

Here is a good article about that question over at The Ooze written by the illustrious Keith Giles.

In the article, he poses the 'Why does God allow bad things to happen' question I respond with another question: Do you want God to take complete control over all reality?

To me, that goes against what and who God is. God created us with free will. To take control over everything that happens in this world would take away that free will that he gave to us.

It's not that God can't prevent car crashes or can't keep thousands from getting killed in a war that nobody wants, it is just that at certain times in humankind's lifetime, He does not intervene.

The fact is that, even in the Scriptures, divine intervention was the exception, not the rule.

He points out the fact that God allows things, all things, good and bad, to happen so that he can reveal Himself through the pain, tragedy, and happiness to bring about redemption and reconciliation to Him.

So here is a hard one to swallow. As Christians, we supposed to actually BE Jesus Christ on this earth while his human form is not here. In essence, we are supposed to BE God to the rest of humankind.

And here comes the hard part. The question is not why does God allow bad things to happen. The question becomes why do WE allow bad things to happen?


  1. Ya gotta' love the good Rev Giles,
    fortunately we don't have to agree with the good Rev Giles.

    Why bad things happen.
    Good vs Evil is not a pristine theoretical battle in a sterile cyber-3D environment boys and girls. Bad things happen because people make them happen... and allow them to happen.

    The Garden is long gone and we live in a world full of bad things... and good things... and people making routine daily decisions which end up doing good and/or bad.

    Yes, I believe God knows all things... but I also believe he put me (and you) here and gave us rational thought to make choices.
    Choices between good and bad.

    We are the battleground. Choice is the weapon. God is the scorekeeper, referee and team owner.
    Play ball.

  2. "Bad things happen because people make them happen..and allow them to happen."

    I think that is what the article was trying to get at. At least that is the impression I was left with.

    So I agree with both of you.

    By the way, I don't think Keith is a Reverand. :)

  3. ...or Reverend, not you say?
    He said he was an ordained Southern Baptist Minister... I grew up 1st Baptist and we always called them pastor or reverend so-in-so.

  4. oh my mistake. sorry. i must have skipped over the part where he said he was ordained in the southern baptist church.

  5. The whole Reverend, minister, preacher title thing has always confused me. I know that different denominations have different titles for the leaders of the church, but what’s the actual difference?

  6. good question. i have no idea.

    i know in our church we don't use a title for our preacher except that he is our preacher.

  7. I always liked the westerns where they called 'em... Padre'