Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Are We Better Off?

Barack Obama campaigned for change. He talked about it constantly. Change in the way things were going. Change for the future.

During his campaign, he constantly attached the policies of George W Bush.


He campaigned against the war in Iraq. He promised he would pull us out immediately.

He campaigned for change in the economy stating the the policies of George W Bush ruined our country economically.

He campaigned for bipartisanship stating Bush was a straight party Republican and a yes man for the party.

He campaigned against the abuse of power by the Bush administration.


We are still in Iraq.

The country is going further down the economic toilet thanks to his policies.

He is a straight party line Democrat himself and only gives lip service to bipartisan solutions to our problems.

He himself has abused his power.

So where is the change?

It makes you wonder sometimes. Were we better off with Bush in the White House?


  1. Dude... you are rockin'. I love it.

  2. But to answer your question, double digit unemployment vs 5% unemployment, profits soaring in major industries even following 9-11 and total shutdown of the airlines, wall street and numbers of related businesses for a month following, housing market booming, auto industry booming... vs now. Government takeover of Housing, banking and auto industries with healthcare to follow, trillions and trillions in debt, higher taxes coming, inflation coming...

    yeah, I'd say we were better off...

  3. Well it actually was a rhetorical question but thanks! :-)

  4. ohhhhh, ...."never mind"!