Saturday, July 25, 2009

Currently Reading: Real Change

TITLE: Real Change: From the World that Fails to the World That Works

AUTHOR: Newt Gingrich

PUBLISHER: Regnery Publishing


I started reading this last night and quite amazingly, finished it today (amazing because those of you that know me know that I am somewhat of a slow reader). I just basically tore through this book. I could not put it down.

Quite honestly, I never really took Newt Gingrich all that seriously. However, my friend Wayne Glover highly recommended to me that I read this book. I am sure glad that I did.

This book is great. Former Speaker Gingrich has some really good ideas and puts it out there in simple, non-political language.

He tackles everything from Education to Immigration to Health Care and everything else in between.


  1. I have to admit that I really cannot stand Newt. I don’t think he could win if he ran for President either. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew this himself and that is why he hasn’t run. I know that he is a brilliant guy and I’ve even liked some of the things that he has to say…I just can’t stand him. That’s pretty sad really. :-(

  2. He is one of the smartest guys in Washington, which isn't really saying all that much I guess, but the history with the Clintons tarnished his image with some people and some things in his own personal life also, but as far as knowing how conservative ideology and government works... Newt is very good.

    His personality and style are not my favorite, but when he talks I listen carefully.

    Way to do your homework Steve... to make a run at this thing you're gonna need to know where people like Newt stand and where they are coming from because "Newt" is your base.

  3. Red is right about that Steve. Newt does express what much of the base of conservative base believes.

    The big question though is…what does your district believe?

  4. Well, my district is heavily Democratic so I think they only believe what they are told by their own current political base.

    It is my job to inform them and make them see my side of things.

  5. Wow Steve…I’m not sure that rhetoric like that is the best way to win over the hearts and minds of your local Democrats, but then I could be wrong.

  6. I would disagree with dave on this one... while you are more moderate on some issues than Newt I'm sure, so is your district.

    As I've said before, be yourself and lead.
    Let those who agree with you vote for you and those who aren't looking for a leader but a yes-man follower can vote for the other guy.

  7. Example- When I get on a plane or go to the doctor or even go to a restaurant... whatever, I don't want to hear the guy in charge saying anything about taking a poll among other customers to decide how to land, diagnose, operate or cook my steak.

    Likewise, most conservatives don't want their elected officials waiting until AFTER the vote (or poll) to decide HOW to vote... if you know what i mean.

    The Clintons are a prime example of this... as is John Kerry.

    Whenever you I the phrase "the will of the people" I get suspicious... because whoever is saying that is leaving out the other 50% or so that disagree.

  8. That's not what I was talking about. The point that I was going for was that it might not be a good idea to insult people when trying to win them over.

  9. Actually Dave, that statement was not meant as an insult and I probably should not have put it that way.

    The idea that I was trying to get at was that in my opinion, based on my own experiences and conversations, is that there are a lot of people that SEEM to blindly follow their own political base and just might not REALLY know what their elected officials stand for.

  10. By taking a stand on an issue you are going to automatically "insult" those who disagree with you... concentrate on the people that agree with you and let those that don't find someone they do agree with.

    In the end, if you believe strongly enough in your ideals then others will follow you.. but trying to follow the people following you ends up in a big circle jerk.
    Like the Democrat(ic) party for example.

  11. There’s a difference between taking a stand and a straight up insult. The comment that Steve made (“Well, my district is heavily Democratic so I think they only believe what they are told by their own current political base.”) was unintentional snark at best (which is what it was) and a straight up insult to those in his district at worst (this is not the case). In other words, it was a gaffe.

    IMHO, one has to educate the citizenry as to the logic and reason of his/her stances on the major issues and why those positions are the best ones to take. That is a politician’s job. Unfortunately the vast majority fail miserably because they would rather take the easy road and just lob insults at each other. Red will disagree with me on this and considering he has actually run a successful campaign, you’d probably be wise to follow his advice because that type of strategy seems to work.

    At the end of the day Steve, you need to do what you think is right. I have faith in you though, and know you well enough to know that you will.