Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So!!!!

In April 2008, I did a post called The Candiates on Tax Reform.

I said in regards to now President Barack Obama, and I quote:
"...wants to reduce [the Bush tax cuts] in order to pay for programs such as health care.
He has states that he will make certain that the wealthy WILL pay more taxes."

If you read this post of mine and still voted for him. It serves you right! You are only getting what you asked for!

If you read this post of mine and did not believe me...well...maybe you will from now on.


  1. "Now I'm a believer" without a trace of doubt in my mind...

  2. Let's all get together and talk about the good old Republic after we get settled in our lavish cages at the New Guantanamo Bay Patriot wing.
    Will they let us have our Bibles?

  3. Doubtful.

    They'll probably give us government-issued copies of the Koran.