Monday, July 06, 2009

Favorite Songs on each Bad Religion Album

It is really strange that while I was thinking of another band to do one of these on this band did not come up first. Oh well, I guess 2nd isn't all that bad either. LOL!

Bad Religion
"Bad Religion"

How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
"We're Only Gonna Die"

Into the Unknown
"The Dichotomy"

Back to the Known
"Along the Way"

"Do What You Want"
followed closely by the song Give You Nothing.

No Control
"I Want to Conquer the World"

Against the Grain
"Operation Rescue"
followed closely by Modern Man.

"Only Entertainment"
This one was kind of hard. Lots of good songs on this one.

Recipe for Hate
"American Jesus"
Another one with a lot of good songs.

Stranger Than Fiction
Nearly impossible. Probably their best album in my opinion. There are no songs on this album that are not great.

The Gray Race
"Drunk Sincerity"

No Substance
"In So Many Ways"

The New America
"The Hopeless Housewife"

The Process of Belief

The Empire Strikes First
"Let Them Eat War"
This one was not very hard. I did not particulary like this album all that much. In fact, there are really only 2 songs on it that I can in all honesty say that I like.

New Maps of Hell
"New Dark Ages"
This album to me was a complete disappointment. I would even almost go so far as to say that this album sucks. This favorite song is the only song on the album that I do like.

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