Monday, July 06, 2009

Favorite Songs on each Social Distortion Album

This is a sequel of sorts to my recent post about my one favorite song from each Descendents and All albums. I was thinking I should do another one of these and for some reason this is the first band that I thought of.

Kudos to Dave for the original idea!

Mommy's Little Monster
"Mommy's Little Monster"

Prison Bound
"Prison Bound"

Social Distortion
"So Far Away"

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
"Cold Feelings"

White Light White Heat White Trash
"Dear Love"
This was a really hard album to pick one favorite from. It is by far my favorite Social Distortion album.

Sex Love and Rock n Roll
"Reach For the Sky"

Stay tuned. I have another coming up here in a minute.

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