Sunday, July 05, 2009

Favorite Songs on Descendents/All Albums

Dave did his Favorite Song on Each Descendents and ALL Album on his blog so I thought I would follow suit.

I too will list the Descendents and ALL separately.


Bonus Fat

Milo Goes to College

I Don't Want to Grow Up
"Silly Girl"
- - Good Good things was a very close 2nd

"Get the Time"
- - close 2nd was Sour Grapes (it was really hard to choose between these 2)

- - close 2nd was Clean Sheets

Everything Sucks
"I'm the One"
Figuring out a one favorite on this album was the toughest one of all of them because album is just jam packed with awesome songs.


Cool to be You
- - lagging just barely behind in 2nd is Cool to be You


Allroy Sez
"Just Perfect"

Allroy for Prez
"Skin Deep"

Allroy's Revenge
"She's My Ex"

Allroy Saves
"Just Like Them"


Breaking Things

"Breakin Up"
2nd favorite is Million Bucks

Mass Nerder
"Until Then"
This was a really hard one to pick out a favorite on too as far as ALL albums go.

"Better Than That"

Now for those taking is a list of songs that match between Dave's and my list:

"Hope" from Milo Goes to College
"Silly Girl" from I Don't Want to Grow Up
"Get the Time" from Enjoy! (even our 2nd faves were the same)
"Shes My Ex" from Allroys Revenge
"Shreen" from Breaking Things
"Better Than That" from Problematic

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  1. This is a great list. It’s interesting that we are both huge fans of this band, yet we seem to love very different aspects of the band. I hope that makes sense.

    I’d like to see Scott’s version of this list. I know that he is a pretty big fan as well.