Monday, July 06, 2009

Favorite Songs on each Weezer album.

Here is a continuation of a new column that Dave and I will be doing for a while.

Weezer (1994)
"Only In Dreams"
Really hard album to pick ONE favorite from.

"The Good Life"
Really easy to pick from. I was not all that impressed with this album.

Weezer (2001)
"Simple Pages"
Another hard one to pick ONE favorite from.

"Keep Fishin"
Not a real big fan of this album either.

Make Believe
"Perfect Situation"
Followed very closely by the song "This Is Such a Pity." It was really hard to choose between these two.

Weezer (2008)
"Pork and Beans"

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  1. I’ve gotten all of Weezer’s CDs burned to my computer but really haven’t listened to them that much. I love the Blue Album and have since it came out. My wife swears by Pinkerton and so far what I’ve heard of it I really like (especially “El Scorcho”) but I really haven’t been able to bring myself to listen to the others that much. What am I missing?