Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Health Care Quotes of the Day

Regarding the idea that the public plan fosters fair competition:
"The 1,500 or so private plans don't produce enough competition? Making it 1,501 will do the trick? But then why stop there? Eating is even more important than health care, so shouldn't we have government-run supermarkets ‘to keep the private ones honest’? After all, supermarkets clearly put profits ahead of feeding people. And we can't run around naked, so we should have government-run clothing stores to keep the private ones honest. And shelter is just as important, so we should start public housing to keep private builders honest. Oops, we already have that. And that is exactly the point. Think of everything you know about public housing, the image the term conjures up in your mind. If you like public housing you will love public health care."

On the uninsured:
"Forty-five million people in the U.S. are uninsured.’: Even if this were true (many dispute it) should we risk destroying a system that works for the vast majority to help 15% of our population?"

These quotes are by economist George Newman in the Wall Street Journal


  1. 40 million without health insurance... hmmm let's look at that number and see where all those people are.

    An estimated 20 million illegal aliens are in this country (illegally) who do not qualify for health insurance, so that's half of the 40 mil.

    Of the remaining 20 million, at least half are spouses who stay at home and may not have insurance on themselves by choice even though they could get coverage via their working spouse.

    Of the 10 million still without health insurance, about half are currently unemployed and looking for work... so they will have insurance very soon.

    There are about 4 million homeless in the U.S. which we cannot insure which leaves us with 1 million uninsured.

    The Margin of error .3% for the number of illegals, the number of unemployed and number of people who don't want insurance which means about 2 million people currently have insurance that don't actually want it.

  2. I always wondered where those numbers came from.

  3. Like me... they made it up.

  4. Those sneaky bastards!