Thursday, July 16, 2009

Interview with Wayne Glover

Wayne Glover is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Washington State in 2010. He is running to replace Senator Patty Murray.

This is an interview that I conducted with him via e-mail.

Why are you running for U.S. Senate?
I am running for the US Senate because I am tired of being marginalized by the political elite. When I call to voice my opinion on an issue more often than not I am transferred to voice mail which I am sure is not listened to. I am tired of politicians who are shredding the Constitution. We need a person who will be a voice for all of Washington not just certain parts of our state.

Do you think Senator Murray has done a good job so far?

If I thought she was doing a good job, I would not be running against her?

Yeah that was kind of a loaded question. I was just testing you to see if you were going to get into negative campaigning.

I do not want to engage in negative campaigning but I will use her voting record, proposed legislation and what she has done in an official capacity against her if it is pertinent. I do not think this would be negative but the biased media will.

Do you have any ideas for health care reform and if so, what are they?

The real crisis in health care is how politicians are misrepresenting the numbers of uninsured. The problem with health care is multifaceted and no one single thing will fix the problems that really exist. Unrealistic settlements in malpractice lawsuits drive the costs up for doctors. Medi-Care/Medic-Aid not paying enough to cover basic expenses has to be passed onto people who use insurance and who self pay, not to mention that 45% of the Medi-Care budget is either for administrative costs or fraud. No one who needs emergency care can be denied medical care.

I absolutely agree with you 100% on this! I too feel that the # of uninsured in America has been inflated by people with an agenda.

The actual statistics can be found in the US census or from Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny where he references US the census in his breakdown of the numbers.

How do you feel about term limits for U.S. Senators and Congressmen?

I have written an essay labeled Term Limits that can be found on my website I encourage everyone to look at my website. Yes, I do favor term limits but they must be done at the federal level or it will weaken the states who do not pass term limit legislation.

I agree with you on this too. In fact, I did read that essay (after I have already sent you this interview question) and found it to be one of the most intelligent things I have heard about the term limit debate.

Thank you, but I used the Constitution as a guide to the wording of the proposed Amendment. And the rest of the essay is from my own ideas and the ideas of all the people I have spoken with over the years.

Do you support campaign reform that would allow more visibility and a better possibility for third-party candidates?

I support some sort of campaign reform McCain-Feingold is not the answer because it favors incumbent politicians and restricts free speech.
As for third-party candidates, a third party candidate only weakens the candidate of the party that agrees with most but not all of the third-party candidates agenda.

Can you elaborate a bit on that last statement? Are you saying that third party candidates weaken their party or that they weaken the major parties?
I wrote an essay on this too. But it will weaken the third-parties support as well as the major party candidates support, this is important to think about when there are only minor disagreements between the two candidates and the other major party candidate would definitely be bad for the state or country. I think we always must put our states and country ahead of personal ambition.

Did you and do you support the invasion and the occupation of Iraq? Do you feel that they were/are necessary?

In 2002, I enlisted in the Washington Army National Guard, which was nearly 14 years after being released from Active Duty. We are not and have never been an occupation Army in Iraq; I know that this is politically incorrect to say. These are my personal feelings.

I was not in the Senate to vote up or down and I will not use hind site and media misperception and propaganda to slander any yes vote at the time. BUT, when the majority voted to authorize the use of force then ALL members should do whatever is necessary to protect, supply and support the Service members sent to fight and keep politics OUT of the decisions.

So do you personally feel that invading Iraq was necessary?

I think we cannot judge based on hindsight and the fact that the media misrepresented why we needed to go. If you look at the whole picture, at the time then, yes. I it was but I also think that there were mistakes made that could have been corrected sooner that would have avoided much of the problem that occurred before the surge. The "Mission Accomplished" statement was a sign to Arab allies that had been arranged by Gen. Franks and those Arab allies that the removal of Saddam was complete and that they would then help in rebuilding Iraq. This can be found in Gen. Tommy Franks' book he wrote after retiring. I think that the theory behind the invasion was sound however, mistakes were made and plans not properly followed. It is important that people look at all reasons why we went and not what the media latched onto. We should all come to our own independent conclusions based on fact not media perception.

What are your thoughts on defense spending? Should we cut the defense budget by doing things such as closing some overseas bases and reducing the amount of redundant technology among the services?

Defense is one of the few things that congress has the Constitutional authority to fund. I believe in Peace through Strength just as Reagan did. We must always be prepared to defend the United States; an objective study of history would show doubters this.
I am not in favor of any base or post closures anywhere. We live in a dangerous world despite what is not being reported in the media. It depends on who is saying it is redundant, a person who has never served has no idea what is redundant or not.

If elected, what are going to be your priorities in your first term?

Sponsor or Co-sponsor a bill that will repeal the 2009 Stimulus Plan. Fix the tax system, getting the VA a permanent budget, work to eliminate wasteful spending, support a balanced budget Amendment, if we have to work within a budget then the politicians should have to too.

You have stated that you support the Fair Tax. Do you think this particular idea on tax reform has not been given its due respect? Why do you think so many politicians are opposed to this plan?

I don’t think that any real tax reform has been given a fair chance because if true tax reform was to happen then politicians could not use taxes as a way of buying votes. True tax reform would eliminate the elitist politicians hold on power.

Do you think that the cap and trade plan is a good plan? Why or why not?

Cap and trade is a con job, there would be little to no environmental benefits and a few corporations, politicians and former politicians will make immense amounts of money at the expense of the American people. Carbon Dioxide is not a harmful gas, it is plant food, regardless of what 5 lawyers, now justices said in a Supreme Court decision.

I ask you to look into the corporations and politicians who will benefit from cap and trade. It will not be you or I, 99.9% of other Americans, or the planet that will benefit from this massive tax increase. It will tax us out of existence and if it doesn’t the proposed health care plan will.

I agree that the cap and tax bill is a bad thing for our country. I, in fact, have written a short piece about it on my blog. If you get a chance to read it, let me know what you think. The URL for that particular piece is It is titled. No Friend of the Working Man.
Cap and trade of any form is a CON JOB! I want to know when the debate actually happened on Global Warming because it has always been stated that the debate is over now we must act. All people that I can remember who have brought up opposing facts have been marginalized or been accused of being crazy by Al Gore and the media. If the debate on Global Warming is over why did they have to change the name to Global Climate Change, if the facts supported man-made global warming then the name would not have had to be changed.

What is your position on the abortion debate?

My personal view on abortion is that it is murder, but any decision on abortion should be left for the people of a state to decide not the federal government. I think that there are certain circumstances where aborting a baby may be necessary but I would never want to be in the position to decide one life over another. There has to be better options than taking an innocent life.

Do you think that President Obama has done a good job in office so far? Why or why not?
I think his job performance has been poor at best. His agenda is not what he told people he stood for, I have talked to many people who only voted because of change but this is not the kind of change that they thought he stood for.

He keeps blaming all of the economic problems on the Bush Administration but he was elected to the Senate in 2004 and voted on the budgets of the Bush Administration and the Democrats have had control of both the House and Senate since January 2007.

He also campaigned on run away spending and deficit spending on July 14, 2009 we hit $1,000,000,000,000 in debt and will hit $2,000,000,000,000 by the end of the year. Does this constitute a good job?

No sir, it does not.


  1. Glover: "The 'Mission Accomplished' statement was a sign to Arab allies that had been arranged by Gen. Franks and those Arab allies that the removal of Saddam was complete and that they would then help in rebuilding Iraq. This can be found in Gen. Tommy Franks' book he wrote after retiring."

    Absolutely true.
    General Franks also went on television and verified this fact as well.

    It's a shame it was subsequently used as a baseball bat to beat George W Bush about the head with... especially considering fact the statement was essentially true.

    Now... six years later, Iraq is in fact becoming that stable democracy and friend to the US in the fight against Islamic terrorism that "dubya" stood before America and the world and declared it would become.

    Bravo to Glover for setting the record straight on that one... while dancing around and not sounding like a warmonger.

  2. Just wait until you see the bomb I just dropped on my blog.

  3. I love it, love it love it!

  4. I would like to know where you stand on veterans' issues. I have been denied access to VA facilities for the past 5 months with my service dog.

  5. Do you want to know where I, personally, stand on VA issues or are you wanting to know where Mr. Wayne Glover stands on VA issues?

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