Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poll of the Week

So I finally came up with an idea for a new poll of the week.

This week's poll asks the question. Who do you think killed JFK?

As always if your choice ends up being other, please comment on this post so I can give your choice the proper credit in the final results.

Thanks and happy polling!


  1. I went with "other" cause I think it might have been
    "all of the above".

  2. i thought about putting that as a choice but i have my doubts the lee harvey had a whole lot to do with the actual assasination. as far as having actually done something that day.

  3. You a "grassy knoll" proponent?

    I think LHO pulled the trigger... whether or not someone else pulled another trigger or not... can't say for sure, but my gut feeling says LHO wasn't totally alone in it.

  4. i think he was involved at some level, like in the planning stage but i don't think he was even actually on the 6th floor of that building to fire any shots.

  5. I don't believe it was LHO. I believe it was a conspiracy between gov't agents and big business, $$$ was involved...no doubt.