Thursday, July 09, 2009

To Strike or Not to Strike....Better Figure it Out Soon IAM!

I came across this article by the NW Republican about the local Machinist Union and how there is a possibility that a lot of its workers will lose their jobs at Boeing here in Washington due to the company buying a plant in South Carolina.

Why are they buying a plant in South Carolina? Because the IAM (Machinists Union) will not agree to a no-strike clause in their next contract.

Here is the article

It seems logical to me that if the Machinist union wants their members to still have jobs 2-3 years from now, they will agree to the no-strike clause.

While at heart, I am still fairly pro-union (as if you did not already know that - this stance of course being another thing that keeps me out of the cool Republicans club - lol).
However, that being said, I think that going on strike is the wrong way to go about doing things. It only serves to stop production, weaken the economy and eventually just piss off the company you are working for to a point where you won't have a job at all anymore.

There are other ways in this day and age of negotiating things.

Honestly, the IAM needs to step back for a moment and realize that in reality, the machinist work for Boeing, not IAM. When Boeing decides to pack up and move to South Carolina, are the workers still going to have a job? Is the IAM going to do everything they can to go out and find their people new jobs? I seriously doubt it.

Wake up IAM. Your time is coming near.

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