Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wayne Glover in 2010?

This is another Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Washington. Another person that is making that respectable effort to un-seat Patty Murray from the seat she has held for far too long.

Here are some quotes I found on his website:

"Too many of the people we elect to public office have put their party or personal agenda ahead of America and its legal citizens.........."

On Energy
"The government should encourage developing new energy sources through rewards and not through higher taxes. Taxing CO2 emissions is not the answer, because this will cost money that could be spent on alternative energy development..."

On Immigration
"We must secure our borders and require that people respect our immigration laws. I difficult it is for people from certain countries to get visas but it does not give anyone the right to circumvent the current process. If we give special privilege to people who break the immigration laws what kind of message does that send to the people who waiting for legal entry?"

There is not very much information about specific political positions and I was not able to find out very much about him at all except that I read somewhere he was a former Army veteran. In any case, hopefully I will have more information about him in the future.

For now, I am still thinking Salazar is Washington's best hope to un-seat Patty Murray and try to effect some REAL change in 2010.


Here are some other quotes that I found on another Glover for Senate page:

Here is an interesting one about lobbyists:

e"Lobbying is the Constitutional right of all legal citizens, corporations and organization as a way to persuade the governing body to enact particular legislation........Lobbyists are not the problem that many politicians say they are. Corrupt politiicans (that stand in line to receive money that the lobbyist will give them for their vote) are the problem. If a lobbyist has a valid argument then that should be all the persuasion needed, if their argument is not valid no amount of money should make it valid. It is time we vote for people whose only special interest group is the American people. The legal citizens of Washington will be my only special interest."

On the Welfare system:
"A smaller Federal government is the most effective government. If the federal government was....doing what it was supposed to do there would be more money in the state and local governments to take care of the social problems of their area. We have a stronger voice at the state and local level......A state or local government knows more about the needs of their communities than a person who spends most of his/her time in Washington DC

Here is something interesting about him. He actually states that we should replace any Representative or Senator that voted for the bailout bill of 2008 and the stimulus package of 2009. By voting for these, he says, "they are voting for expansions of the federal government and/or unconstitutional powers or programs that does nothing more than to solidify their power and control over the states and their citizens."

The more I read about the guy, the more I begin to like him. He sounds like an anti-Federalist to me. A person that favors a less powerful central government that only performs the functions that the Constitution speficially assigns to them.

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