Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where I Stand

Dave over at Oklahoma Lefty recently posted his stance on the major issues on the appropriately titled My Stance on the Major Issues. I left some comments on his posts as to where I agreed and disagreed with him but I thought I would mirror his post and show you all where I stand as well.

Issue: Abortion
Stance: Pro-life
An unborn child is just that. A child that has yet to be born. It is a baby. Science has proven it. I do not support abortion in those "rare" cases like incest and rape and here is why. The circumstances regarding the conception of a child are not the child's fault. A life is a life. Life should be protected at all costs.

Issue: Gun Control
Stance: Supports 2nd Amendment rights
The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was written so that the government would not have the power to unarm its citizens. The ownership of guns is protected by our Constitution. To restrict or ban the ownership of guns is simply against the law and any attempts to do so by the government are illegal and should be prosecuted.

Issue: Military
Stance: Supports a strong national defense
I believe that one of the most important jobs of a federal government is to protect its citizens from invasion by a foreign nation. With that I believe that a strong national defense is very important to all of us.
I also, however, feel that we should heed the words of former President Eisenhower who warned us to be wary of the 'military industrial complex.' I feel that our military services and the budget of them could use some streamlining. For instance, I believe that we can save money in our defense budget by combining some of the various armed services redundant systems and capabilities.

Issue: Environment
Stance: Supports incentives to come up with alternative energy sources
I do not necessarily believe that climate change is man-made. The climate has been changing for thousands of years. Since the Ice Age, the planet has been continually warming, this has nothing to do with us. Our Industrial Revolution has only been around for about 100 years. It has not sped up the warming of the earth's surface.
However, even with that in mind, I believe that we should protect our natural resources and come up with cheaper, more reliable sources of energy.
For instance, we must reduce our dependence on foreign oil, not only from an economic standpoint but from a national defense standpoint.
I propose that we offer incentives to companies that research and come up with ways to make alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, clean coal and nuclear more affordable and more efficient so that eventually petroleum products are nearly unnecessary. Incentives, not fines, are the key to a better and cleaner tomorrow.
Until such time as those alternative energy sources have been properly researched and they become viable sources of energy, I propose that we begin drilling in areas in our own country. I'm not sure how many of you know this but before the 1950s, our country was the leading exporter of oil in the world. Our supply has not run out, we have just been getting it from other sources. Sources that can control the prices themselves and throw up further into recession.

Issue: Taxes
Stance: Supports the Fair Tax system
The current tax system is unfair to those that have worked hard to make a better life for themselves and their families. I am always hearing about how people want the "rich" to pay their fair share and that they want taxed on the "rich" to be raised. Well, who pays our salaries? The rich. Who owns the stores that we shop at? The rich. If we keep raising taxes on the rich, we will eventually tax the rich out of business. The end result being higher unemployment from those rich people that can't afford to keep their businesses open anymore.
I believe that the Fair Tax system is the most plausible solution.
The Fair Tax quite simply is a consumption tax that taxes only purchases on new items, excluding purchases on necessities like food. With the introduction of the Fair Tax all income and payroll taxes as well as the Internal Revenue Service as we know it would be abolished. Less money coming out of your paycheck. No social security taxes, no Medicare taxes. Just a straight paycheck. Taxes on businesses would be next to nothing as well.

Issue: Term Limits
Stance: Supports term limits for all elected officials
This is an idea I feel is very important to me. I have a severe distaste for career politicians. Get in. Do your job. Get out. Career politicians in my opinion are too open for corruption and only with term limits can we attempt to keep politicians honest.
I propose that U.S. Senators be restricted to 2 - 6 year terms and that U.S. Representatives be restricted to 3 - 4 year terms.
There was a time when Congress was run by citizen legislators. Men and women who essentially run and served in office to perform a civil service for their country. It was not a career for them. They came to Washington DC, did their job and went back home to continue their 'real" jobs. We need to go back that direction.

Issue: Campaign Finance Reform
Stance: McCain-Feingold did not go far enough
Campaigns should simply be financed publicly. The amount of money coming into a candidate's campaign from lobbyists should be highly restricted. Politics has become nothing more than a fundraising game. Most politicians these days spend half of their time trying to raise funds for their next election (see term limits) and not enough time serving the country.

Issue: Constitutional Amendment Banning Flag Desecration
Stance: Opposed to
Although I am opposed to a person burning the flag, I don't feel that it is in our country's best interest to restrict the right of some one's free speech and burning an American flag clearly falls under the area of free speech. I feel that as long as a person is not violating some one's private property they should be able to do whatever they want with a flag, no matter how asinine it really is. Burning a flag in opposition of one's government to me just means that the person has no imagination and not enough intellect to come up with a better way to show his or her disapproval. I also feel that it would be a waste of our time and resources to turn issues like this into such a big deal as to want to amend the Constitution.


  1. Nicely stated.

    On flag burning... I wonder what they would call it if someone burned a flag (not an endorsement) with a big rainbow on it or even the famous Obama logo?

    Freedom of speech or a hate crime?

  2. Who is the "they" that you are referring to? If you mean me, I would definitely call it Freedom of Speech.

  3. I think the "they" Red is referring to is "the left." I'm sure he is right though...a lot of those same people would have hissy fits, but I say more power to 'em. As long as you don't burn someone else's property, then go for it.

  4. As far as the rest of your post goes, like I told you last night, I think that you are fitting in very nicely with your new party on many issues. I also think that you diverge enough that it will help you in your district.

  5. What dave said... I agree.