Sunday, August 23, 2009

Currently Reading: Republican Party History

Saying Currently Reading is actually not entirely accurate. I actually just finished reading both of them. These were 2 different but short books (only about 100 pages each) about the History of the Republican Party.

TITLE: The History of the Republican Party
AUTHOR: Heather Lehr Wagner
PUBLISHER: Infobase Publishing

TITLE: The Republican Party: The Story of the Grand Old Party
AUTHOR: Dale Anderson
PUBLISHER: Compass Point Books

The one thing I have noticed after having read a few different books on the history of the Republican Party is that over the years since its founding, its platform, at least until that last couple of decades, was really inconsistent. It seems (based on what I have read) is that they have swapped back and forth between being liberal and being conservative.

Fortunately (for the most part) they have remained the party for conservatives fairly solidly since just before the election of Ronald Reagan. It seems that ever since Barry Goldwater campaigned as a Republican, the party has remained mainly conservative in its platform.

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