Sunday, August 09, 2009

Health Care Bias?

It has been said by some that in regards to my feelings toward health care that I hold a particular bias against it.

I work for a large health insurance company in the Puget Sound area. So some would say that my viewpoint is skewed and that I can not be non-biased when it comes to my opinions on this health care bill.

Those people are dead wrong.

I make no apologies for who my employer is.

Yes, my employer is a health insurance company.

But I think rather than give me a biased viewpoint toward health care, that it gives me a more balanced perspective of the bill and gives me additional insight as to how to judge the bill on its merits, or in this case, lack of merits.

It is true that I am concerned that this health care bill will effectively put the private market out of business.

But even more so, I am concerned with the idea that the government wants to take over another part of our lives. They want to restrict our freedom of choice.

I am concerned with the idea that the government wants to interfere with our health decisions.

I am concerned with the idea that the government wants to create a large new bureaucracy to put the private market under their control to regulate who they are allowed to enroll, how much they are allowed to charge, and the type of plans they are allowed to offer.

The fact of the matter is that yes, I work for an insurance company. But it is also a fact that my opponent works for a company with a biased viewpoint. He works for the federal government. He works for the Democratic Party. He works for a corporation that desires higher taxes and a stronger, more centralized government.

The fact is that both Inslee and I have a bit of a biased viewpoint toward the health care bill.

But I ask you this question: Between Jay Inslee and Steve Long, who do you think has the best interests of the American people in mind? A person who has spent the last two decades of his life as an elected official and has completely lost touch with the people? Or a person that is untainted by the bureaucracy of government and truly is one of the people?

Next year, when it comes time to vote for your next Congressman, I hope you will ask yourself that question and think long and hard about your answer.

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