Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inslee's thoughts on the Fair Tax

I wrote Congressman Jay Inslee (Democrat - Washington's 1st Congressional District) an email a couple months back regarding the Fair Tax Act to see what his feelings were on it and here are some excerpts from the email that I got from him today:

"...the Fair Tax Act..seeks to repeal all federal taxes and abolish the Internal Revenue Service. I believe that by abolishing the IRS, the Fair Tax Act goes too far. The bulk of the tax revenue collected by the IRS is used to provide for the defense of our nation, pay monthly Social Security checks, fund Medicare, and pay down our national debt....This bill suggests that a national sales tax would serve this purpose."

He is right, the Fair Tax would serve to abolish the IRS but where he gets the idea that if we repealed the income tax that we would stop funding national defense, Social Security, etc...is beyond me. These are the very programs that the Fair Tax would continue to fund. The Fair Tax does not proclaim the end of all taxes, obviously they are needed to fund necessary government programs like protecting our borders and defending our country. His claim that only the IRS can collect money for these purposes is asinine.

"The problem with a sales tax is that it is a regressive tax system. This means that if we changed to a sales tax system people who are working middle class folks would see their taxes go up."

No Jay, what it means is that middle class folks would be able to keep their entire paycheck so they would be more likely to spend more money, which puts money into the economy. More money placed into circulation means a better economy. Hmm, novel idea, eh?
And while I am on this subject, what the hell does Jay Inslee know about the "working middle class?" I will tell you what he knows about it. Not a damn thing!
This guy has been an elected official for almost 2 decades and on top of that his wife's family is independently wealthy. He wouldn't know a 'working middle class folk' if he ran over them in the street.

So here is another example of a politician that is basically okay with the current tax system and in my opinion has not done his research on the Fair Tax proposal. If he had actually read anything about it, or have even been given a summary of Neal Boortz's book The Fair Tax Book by one of his aides, he would sound a little more intelligent when talking about it.

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