Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oregon's Healthcare Reform for Idiots

Recently a bill was passed by the Oregon State Legislature to expand health care for children by creating the Health Care for All Oregon Children program, which is in addition to their already running Children's Health Insurance Program, aka CHIP.

To fund this program they are requiring all private insurance companies that offer policies to Oregon state residents to pay 1% of their total premiums to the state.

Of course, anyone with common sense can tell that these means Oregon residents can expect a 1% (at least) increase in their premiums when this bill goes into effect.

The reason I bring this up is not because I think expanding health care to children is a bad thing. The problem I have with this is requiring that the private industry fund this program. I know 1% is not a whole lot and in the long run it is possibly that it might not have any sort of negative impact on the people of Oregon.

What worries me is with every new government program comes more government bureaucracy. Somebody is going to have to run this thing. Somebody is going to have to administer this thing. With every new government program, the idea of smaller government decreases more and more.

What I don't understand is why do they need a totally new program to fund health care for children? What is run with the currently running CHIP program? Isn't one government bureaucracy enough for these people? If you want to expand health care to children, expand the program you already have running!

Again, I have to use my blog to point out the lack of common sense in government and it appears that this lack of common sense is not restricted to just the federal government.

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  1. Wow I have a lot of family living in Oregon I wonder if they know about this...