Friday, August 07, 2009

Quote of the Day

This is a quote taken from a discussion by Senate candidate Wayne Glover from Washington on the 9.12 Project.

"The government has taken the power away from the people. Over the past 80 years the government has become what the Founders feared the most about a strong central government............

The solutions are simple. Over the next few election cycles we must replace all the politicians with people who have experience outside of government, people who know what it is like to make ends meet, and people who know what it is like to have to decide whether to pay the IRS or provide for their family.
No solutions.........can be implemented unless we get rid of the entrenched politicians that have been stonewalling the people who have had real solutions to the real problems we face. Many have went to DC to change the way things are done there but have either given up or given in. We must take back our country from the people who are trying to destroy it every day."

I totally agree. It is time that we take our government back from the career politicians that do not understand the plight of every day Americans and give it to those of us that are untainted by the system. It is time for real change in our government. Not lip service change. Not empty promises.

It is time for a right kind of change.

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