Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sounding Off On Immigration

I don't understand why there is even a debate on this.

Illegal immigration is wrong! That is why it is illegal. There is process to go through by which a person can become an American citizen. It is not that hard a process. It merely takes the drive and ambition of wanting to become a citizen of the greatest country on earth.

But there are millions of people every year that are allowed to sneak into our country. These people are allowed to take our jobs and further put a further drain on our economy by collecting benefits such as food assistance and welfare benefits. These people are getting free medical care at our taxpayer's expense and not living in this country legally!

I have no problem with people moving to our country and wanting to become citizens. Why wouldn't those from other countries want to come live here and benefit from our freedoms? This is the greatest country in the world! If those outside our country want to become citizens of the United States, there is a proper and legal way to do it. Not sneaking in through the back door and becoming a citizen by default. This is not a residency is 9/10 of the law sort of thing.

I do not agree with amnesty. Amnesty is not an answer to the illegal immigration problem. Amnesty only leads to more illegal immigration. Amnesty is quite simply making the illegal, legal.

I do not support the Guest Worker program. I believe that the guest worker program is just another form of amnesty.

The biggest thing standing in the way of preventing illegal immigration is that our borders are effectively open to all. Up to now, our government has proven unsuccessful at keeping illegals out, despite previous laws requiring the building a fence along our borders. The first step toward stopping illegal immigration is by finishing the building of heavily-guarded fence along our border.

Along with the building of a fence, we need a well-maintained and well-trained border patrol.

The next step is ensuring that those who are not citizens do not gain financial benefits from our system. I believe that if our human services departments can not verify a person's citizenship status, then that person should not be eligible for social services, including free medical care.

I also believe that there should be a legally mandated employment verification system and that those employers found to be violating our immigration laws by hiring illegal immigrants should pay the consequences. Those that entered the country illegally are breaking the law and those that employ illegal immigrants are breaking the law by providing them with employment. Any employer that knowingly hires illegal immigrants in order to avoid paying an American citizen a decent wage should be penalized.

Illegal immigration is a burden on the taxpayer and a burden on hard working American citizens.

Illegal immigration is a stain upon all those that have chosen the legal path by which to become an American citizen.

This is Steve Long. And I approve of this message. LoL!

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