Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What America Needs

The American people are becoming more and more disenfranchised with their government. And rightly so.

The things that America needs are not being addressed by our elected officials. Our representatives in Washington DC are more concerned with making headlines and increasing their bank account and getting re-elected than they are about actually fixing problems.

Maybe they are not sure what America needs. Could this be the case?

It is with this thought that I decided to list 7 things that America needs. Simple things but things that I feel for one reason or another are not being addressed.

Here they are:

  1. Tax Reform - personally I feel we should institute a program like The Fair Tax
  2. Smaller Government - simple in theory but where do we begin?
  3. Strong National Defense
  4. Protect Our Borders – End Illegal Immigration
  5. Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil – Research Alternative Energy Sources
  6. Protect States’ Rights
  7. Protect Liberty & Property

So there they are. This is what I think American needs. If you can come up with anymore that you think are not being addressed, or if you would just like to discuss these issues in greater detail, or have some ideas on how to fix these issues, I urge you to use this post as a discussion forum so that we can help our representatives in Washington DC to actually attempt to do something to fix these problems.


  1. I think that we can all agree on most of these points. How we get them implemented is another matter altogether.

  2. I have had a growing awareness recently of the role of the small, local business in this nation. Have you noticed that we are in a time where the multi-international corporate monopoly is increasingly siezing a grip on industries at the same time that the small, local business has disappeared? Along with that comes the complete decimation of whole economies. You just posted an article on Boeing. That's a perfect example. The Puget Sound economy is so dependent on that one entity and they can just decide to start a factory elsewhere whenever they want. Detroit is a prime example. When the auto industry is in trouble, the whole city is in trouble. I want our politicians to begin supporting local small and medium businesses again and dispense with all the regulatory loophoples they allow for big business. It is runnning our economy into the ground.

  3. I think that if our country institute tax reform such as the Fair Tax, there would be no need for loopholes and all businesses, big or small, would benefit equally.

    I have noticed that there are fewer and fewer small businesses in our McDonalds/Wal Mart dominated country.