Thursday, September 10, 2009

30 Minutes

Do you know that if a foreign country launched a nuclear missile at our country it would only take approximately 30 minutes to reach its target?

Countries such as North Korea and Iran are attempting to build their nuclear stockpile. Russia and China already have the capability to threaten our country and our allies.

Our government's PRIMARY responsibility is to provide for our country's defense and this includes protecting it from a nuclear missile attack. For every hostile country that gains nuclear weapons capabilities, our country should increase its capabilities for missile defense technology.

Thus far, our government has failed to implement any type of missile defense shield, even though our enemies are continuing to build their nuclear weapons capabilities.

Iran, for example, will most likely have the ability to launch a nuclear weapon against us or our allies within the year. As another example, the nuclear-grade weapons that North Korea is testing will soon be able to carry a nuclear warhead as far as Alaska or California.

Does this scare you? It does me.

As thinly spread out as our conventional military forces are now, in addition to other reasons, it is simply not practical for our country to attempt any sort of invasion of these countries and thus far our attempts at economic sanctions has proved unsuccessful at getting them to end their efforts to gain nuclear weapons.

The only chance we have is to improve and continue to fund missile defense technology.

Otherwise, we can kiss our butts goodbye if one of these countries decides to launch their missiles at us.

30 minutes it takes.

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  1. Just a reminder. National defense IS one of the few jobs that the federal government is SPECIFICALLY assigned to do by the Constitution.

    Another reminder. Our armed forces are the best-trained, best-equipped military in the world.

    In spite of these facts, the Obama administration is planning to severely cut back on our defense budget in favor of throwing billions of dollars hoping to stimulate the economy with predictably ill-fated domestic programs.