Sunday, September 20, 2009

ALL Songs Sung By Milo

My good friend Dave (from Oklahoma Lefty) talked about this post a few days ago and we decided that we would both do one. It looks like he beat me to the punch over at his blog.

So basically this post entails the songs originally done by the band ALL that I would like to hear Milo (Aukerman - Descendents) sing if I ever got the chance to see them live.

Dave has a pretty good list over at his site and mine is not as extensive but here is my list nonetheless:

Just Perfect (from 1988's Allroy Sez)
Skin Deep (from 1988's Allroy for Prez)
She's My Ex (from 1989's Allroy's Revenge)
Minute (from 1992's Percolater)
Million Bucks (from 1995's Pummel)
Think the World (from 1998's Mass Nerder)*
Honey Peeps (from 1998's Mass Nerder)*
Refrain (from 1998's Mass Nerder)*
Until Then (from 1998's Mass Nerder)*
Carry You (from 2000's Problematic)
Better Than That (from 2000's Problematic)

* The reason for the star next to the songs on this album (Mass Nerder) is that I just wanted to make a comment about this album. In my opinion this album really should have been a Descendents album. Milo actually does some backing vocals on this album and in fact The Descendents actually wrong and recorded a song titled "Mass Nerder" on their album Cool To Be You.

This post was intended for those readers of mine that are big Descendents/All geeks. You know who you are. LoL!

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  1. I know that we talked about this a bit yesterday, but I thought I’d go ahead and comment here for the rest of the class.

    I actually see Everything Sucks as more of an ALL record than a Descendents record. Firstly, I truly think of these as one band. If you look at how the band has described the situation over the years (the liner notes of the Hallraker CD and the TonyALL album are great examples), they simply state that in 1987 they changed their name from the Descendents to ALL. Milo Aukerman has always been a part of the band, whether he was the one singing or not (just look at how many of the ALL albums he did backing vocals on; Allroy Sez, Allroy for Prez, Allroy’s Revenge [he did the back ground vocals for the She’s My Ex single at least], Breaking Things, and Mass Nerder).

    The other thing with this band is you truly can’t have one without the other. If you stopped listening to them with the ALL CD (the one released as the Descendents) and then started listening again with Everything Sucks, you have missed nearly 10 years of musical progression. Everything Sucks in not the follow up to ALL; Allroy Sez is.

    A big part of the problem is that more people know the Descendents than ALL and there are a lot of people who go to ALL shows just to hear them play Descendents’ songs. To me these people are completely missing out. The best way to know this band’s music is to listen to all of it. That is why when I think of this band and when I tell people that my favorite band is ALL, I am honestly referring to both bands because I don’t see them as two bands. The Descendents didn’t break up and then put ALL together. They planned out the name change and even announced it in their newsletters (you can see these on the Descendents’ website).

    I also feel that the ALL material is more intimate, probably because it is not as well known. I have a deep connection to those records and I do think that these guys have gotten better over the years. Despite popular belief, Milo Goes to College is not their best record.

    At some point I’m going to do a post on this but I’ve now taken up too much of my homework time so I’d better get back to it. I hope this all made sense. Hopefully Scott will drop by and give his two cents.