Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beatlemania 2009 Part Two!

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned the release of a new Beatles box set. Here is a bit of information about it.

It was released on September 9 and includes their entire back catalog digitally remastered. It includes stereo editions of all 12 studio albums.

It was released the same day (on purpose I am sure) as the released of The Beatles Rock Band video game.

As a bonus, the box set includes a DVD that includes narratives from each of the Beatles and long-time producer George Martin, giving their thoughts on each album. Also included on the DVD are some television appearances, footage of recording sessions, and other material from their films (Hard Days Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine and Let It Be).

Here is a bonus to this post!

This is a list of Beatles albums that were #1 on the charts in the United States and how many weeks they stayed at #1:

Meet The Beatles (1964) - #1 for 11 weeks
The Beatles 2nd Album (1964) - 5 weeks
A Hard Days Night (1964) - 14 weeks
Beatles 65 (1964) - 9 weeks
Beatles VI (1965) - 6 weeks
Help! (1965) - 9 weeks
Rubber Soul (1965) - 6 weeks
Yesterday...and Today (1966) - 5 weeks
Revolver (1966) - 6 weeks
Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) - 15 weeks
Magical Mystery Tour (1967) - 8 weeks
The White Album (1968) - 9 weeks
Abbey Road (1969) - 11 weeks
Let It Be (1970) - 4 weeks

And here is a list of their singles that hit #1 on the charts here in the U.S.:

I Want to Hold Your Hand (1963)
She Loves You (1964)
Can't Buy Me Love (1964)
Love Me Do (1964)
A Hard Days Night (1964)
I Feel Fine (1964)
Eight Days a Week (1965)
Ticket to Ride (1965)
Help! (1965)
Yesterday (1965)
We Can Work It Out (1965)
Paperback Writer (1966)
Penny Lane (1967)
All You Need is Love (1967)
Hello Goodbey (1967)
Hey Jude (1968)
Get Back (1969)
Come Together (1969)
Let It Be (1970)
The Long and Winding Road (1970)

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