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Old Music Reviews

I recently got an e-mail stating that my website on GeoCities was going to be de-activated because GeoCities in general was shutting down.

At first, I ignored it because I have not updated the thing in a really long time and did not really care if any of the stuff on there disappeared. Besides, a lot of it I have already transferred to other websites, blogs, etc. anyway.

However, I decided to head over to the site and check it out just to make sure there wasn't something on there that might need to be saved somehow.

So I found on the Music page of the website some old concert reviews that I had done so I thought I would post those here.

They are listed in reverse chronological order.

Saturday, January 13, 2001. The Medicine Hall, Norman, Oklahoma
Same Day Service

This time around the show went off much better than the last one I saw with them. The music was good last time around, they just kept having equipment failures of some sort. Not this time though, everything went off pretty good. There were some opening bands, I listened to bits and piece of their sets but was unimpressed so I kept leaving the venue and hung out outside the building waiting for SDS to start up. So Same Day Service came on a little late, a lot of the kids had to leave because of a curfew, so unfortunately the place thinned out a bit. Anyway, the music still sounded really good. This apparently was their last show in Oklahoma before moving off to Austin Texas. I can't say I blame them, a band like this shouldn't have to live in such a cultural armpit of a state like Oklahoma. As far as I'm concerned they are one of the very few local bands worth listening to. And now they're leaving so the pot dwindles down even more. I wish them the best of luck in their new surroundings, hopefully they'll find what they're looking for. Their new CD will be out soon also by the way.

Sunday, October 29, 2000. Music Dimensions, Oklahoma City
Bratmobile w/ Same Day Service

Even though this show seemed to have a few problems as far as the bands went, it still turned out to be a pretty good show. To begin with, the show started much later than it was supposed to because both of the bands were running behind. Ok, so Same Day Service started off, and they were having some equipment problems, mostly the guitar player. Their music, however was pretty good. Probably a good idea to check these girls out again. So when Bratmobile finally showed up, their set, although a really good set, was muddled with problems from the beginning. First off, everyone in the band was either sick, hungover from the previous day, or both. The singer had apparently all but lost her voice. The guitarist had a migraine and/or was hungover and the drummer had a cold. In addition, the vocal mike was cutting out all night which seemed to be really irritating the singer. Anyway, even though each band had their own little problems with their sets, they overcome all those obstacles and played a really good show.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000. All Sports Stadium, Oklahoma City
Glam-Fest 2000 - Poison/Cinderella/Dokken/Slaughter

I know you're probably wondering why I am doing a review on a butt-rock show. Well, I went to this show and believe it or not, I had a good time. We showed up a little late and fortunately, we missed most of Slaughter's set. So, not much to say about them except that it was really funny seeing the singer wearing tiger print spandex. Dokken was actually pretty good, other than the fact that it really wasn't the same without George Lynch. I spent a good portion of their set talking to my friends about the show. We were wondering why Winger didn't end up on this bill and during Dokken's set, it dawned on me, the guitar player from Winger is now in THIS band! How strange, no wonder the songs sounded watered down. The next band was Cinderella, I never really liked this band to begin with, so I wasn't too impressed with them here either. Poison, however, I'm not too sure how I feel about saying this, but, I actually thought they put on a good show. And even worse, you may think, I have seen this band 3 times now. I can't figure out why I keep going to these shows to tell you the truth. Maybe I never got that one butt-rock chromosome out of my system. Well anyway, they put on a decent show. The music was, well, Poison so you figure out if that's good or bad. All in all, my experience in the Land of the Cheese was entertaining and I don't regret going.

Saturday, July 8, 2000. Rock N Bowl, Oklahoma City
Pulpit Red

First off, lemme tell you, I was really psyched for this show. I haven't been able to see this band in so long. Ever since coming back from Florida, they've played a few times, but I kept missing them for whatever reason, the show was cancelled, I had to work that night, or I found out about it after the fact. So, here I was, finally about to see Pulpit Red, who I consider probably the best band in Oklahoma City. Seconds into their opening number "Telephone Girl" I knew that it would be well worth the wait. This band was just great, as they always are. Why this band isn't more popular than they are I will never understand. Their set is so full of energy and chock full of great songs, you just can't help but get into these guys. I was really glad that I was fortunate enough to finally catch these guys again and I just can't say enough good things about them so why bother? Anything I write probably wouldn't do them the justice they truly deserve anyway. Bottom line, Pulpit Red, just flat rocks. Most of the bands in this city could learn a thing or two about rock and roll from these guys.

Saturday, May 6, 2000. Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City
Dick Dale
Well, what can you really say about Dick Dale, I mean, come on, he's the King of surf guitar. He was great, as was expected. There were a few bands that opened up for him, the first one I think was called the Poison Okies, the music was ok but it was nothing special, nothing really noteworthy. They play like rockabilly-style originals. (At least, I think they were originals). The next band I forgot their name, but it's all for the better because I really didn't care for them. The bass player was playing one of those 1980s BC Rich Warlock basses, so she had that going for her. As for the rest of the band, they really weren't that great. They didn't suck, they just weren't that great. The next band, I don't remember their name and I don't remember what they sounded like because for most of their set I was outside listening to tapes of a local band. I didn't really have any desire to listen to them cuz they didn't seem all that special to begin with. Anyway, on to Dick Dale. He was simply amazing. He ripped through a set of what apparently was his just winging it. He told the crowd that he really doesn't remember how to play most of his songs, he remembers the basics of it, and than just feeds off the audience to play the rest of it. Whatever the case, it was really cool. He played his old standard Miserlou of course. I'm willing to be that it was the only song in the set that most of the crowd knew. Surprisingly enough, there were more young people in the crowd (young being, not old enough to drink) than there were people that might have actually heard his stuff when it first came out back in the 60s. He also played some newer stuff that is supposedly coming out on a new CD here in the next few months. Bottom line, he definitely lived up to his title. Dick Dale IS the King of the Surf Guitar, no question.

Friday, Jan 14, 2000. Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City

Well, this was the first show of the millennium that I went to see and I must say it was well worth it. I have never seen this band before and I was glad to have seen them. There were two opening bands, one of which was good, one of which was really bad. The first band, Subsanity, are a group of guys that I have known for a good many years. They're music is somewhere between grind core and punk. They're a really good band and have been together for a really long time. Everything about their show was good, good sound, they were tight, new music sounded good. All in all, a good band to go see live if you ever get the chance. The second band however...flat out sucked. They sounded like Korn. And if you don't know me, I hate Korn. All that adidas rock is just a waste of airtime. I just really don't understand it. It may be good for somebody but I really don't like it. So this band, called Element, I really didn't like. So much in fact, that I spent their entire set, drinking beer and heckling them. At least I amused some of the people in the crowd so the people that did hate them joined along with me and were well entertained during their set. However, there were a few people in the crowd that were not too happy about me leading a crowd of hecklers. Anyway, bottom line, Element sucked. No need to go any further with that. Misfits, on the other hand, were great. For anyone that continues to say that the new Misfits are no good and refuse to listen to them, they don't know what they are missing. I personally like the new Misfits, of course it's not the same but who cares, there are a good number of bands that have changed their singers and still been a good band. They played mostly new stuff, opening up with Forbidden Zone, off the new album Famous Monsters. But they also played to the old schoolers with some of the older Misfts tunes, namely, Mommy Can I go Out and Kill Tonight, Die Die My Darling, I Turned into a Martian, among many others. The new singer, Michael Graves, definitely does justice to the old songs previously sung by Glenn Danzig. In fact, more so than a lot of people that have tried to sing Misfits songs. Anyway, their show was definitely worth the wait to see them. My only regret of the night is not having met Doyle, the guitar player, after the show. I did, however, meet Jerry Only, the bass player, and the drummer Dr. Chud. Pretty cool guys. You must see this band live at some point in your life.

Friday, Sept 3. Club Downunder, Tallahassee
June of 44 and 3 Second Kiss

Well, what can I say about this show? We traveled about 2 hours both ways to Florida State University in Tallahassee. What a waste of driving time and gas that was. At least the cover was only 5 bucks. Both bands essentially sucked. June of 44 had potential but whoever was running sound for them needed to be shot. Everything they played was covered up by the fact that the sound was mixed horribly. As for 3 Second Kiss, they just simply blew. They were some artsy-fartsy emo-core band of some sort. Their drummer seemed to be into their set though. Although he played basically the same beat the entire time, his head was bobbing away and he looked like he was just really into it. The guitarist played the same notes over and over. It just sounded like crap. Not much else to say. Definitely a couple of must-see bands!

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