Friday, January 15, 2010

Pact With the Devil?

So Dr. Pat Robertson has said that the country of Haiti deserved the earthquake due to their "pact with the devil?"

So.....God is punishing them because they practice voodoo and what not?

First off, I would like to state for a fact that, as a Christian, Dr. Robertson does NOT speak for me and I think his comments were asinine.

Also, he is obviously ignorant of the Haitian's religious practices. 80% of the people in Haiti are practicing Roman Catholics. Another 16% belong to some sort of Christian Protestant denomination.

Good call Pat!!


  1. I heard this comment on the radio the other day. This one is a new low for Pat.

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  3. What's up with the spam lately? I've gotten a few comments on my blog that are just links. ARGH!