Saturday, January 09, 2010

Movie Review: Very Bad Things

Very Bad Things

I watched this one via Netflix's Watch Instantly option tonight.

I am pretty sure that I have watched this one before at some point in time but it must have been about the time it first came out because I did not remember most of the details of the movie.

So this one is directed by a guy named Peter Berg who I remember mostly as being the white boxer in the movie the Great White Hype. This movie was his directorial debut.

It came out in 1998 and stars Christian Slater, Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Piven and a younger (obviously) and much thinner Jon Favreau (who was the director of the great movie Iron Man).

Not a bad movie. Very dark comedy. The character I found most interesting in the film was the one played by Christian Slater. He always seems to play the dark comedic characters pretty well (as he did so well in the movie Heathers).

All in all, good movie. Go check it out if you haven't already.

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