Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Juliana Theory Reunion?

What? Really?

Many of you are most likely not aware of the band The Juliana Theory I'm sure.

They are actually one of my favorite bands (that I rarely talk about for some reason..hmmm..)

Anyway, I happened to be on MySpace for a couple of minutes just now and saw a post that stated the band is getting back together for a short reunion of 6 shows this year!! Awesome!

Here are a couple of links related to this event:

I will write up a discography of the moment for them and maybe some actual information about them later.


  1. I did an interview with singer Brett Detar about the shows if you want to take a look here. Hurry if you want to get tickets two shows are sold out already.

  2. The Juliana Theory are awesome!