Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monster Magnet: DOTM

This was kind of an obscure stoner rock band from New Jersey that formed in the late 80s and really one had one "hit" as far as popular songs go with the song 'Negasonic Teenage Warhead' in 1995.

I was not really impressed with the band myself until I saw them live in Oklahoma City when they opened for Corrosion of Conformity. That was a good show altogether. The other opening act was Season to Risk. This show was down in Bricktown back before the baseball stadium had been build before the MAPS project really took over Bricktown. I don't remember the name of the venue. I could try to describe it to you but I'm not sure how. The location was basically in the area where the canal is now. Wow, I really wish I could remember the name of that venue. I could probably find it if I knew where I packed all my old ticket stubs (yeah, I actually keep some of them).

Anyway, on to the DOTM for this band:

Monster Magnet
Released in 1990 by Glitterhouse Records.
Produced by Monster Magnet.
Band lineup:
Dave Wyndorf - vocals, guitar; John McBain - guitar; Tom Diello - drums; Tim Cronin - bass.
Tracks: 6

Released in May 1991 by Glitterhouse Records.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 3

Spine of God
Released in February 1992 by Caroline Records.
Produced by Dave Wyndorf and John McBain.
Lineup Changes:
Joe Calandra replaced Tim Cronin on bass and Jon Kleiman replaced Tom Diello on drums.
Tracks: 10

Released in April 1993 by A&M Records.
Produced by Dave Wyndorf.
Lineup Changes:
Ed Mundell replaced John McBain on guitar.
Tracks: 11

Dopes to Infinity
Released in March 1995 by A&M.
Produced by Dave Wyndorf.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 12

Released in June 1998 by A&M.
Produced by Matt Hyde and Dave Wyndorf.
Lineup changes:
Philip Caivano was added as an additional guitarist.
Tracks: 16

God Says No
Released in April 2001 by A&M.
Produced by Matt Hyde and Dave Wyndorf.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 13

Greatest Hits
Compilation album released in September 2003 by A&M.
Tracks: 28
Contains the bands "greatest hits" (???) one 1 CD and the 2nd CD consists of B-sides and rarities.

Monolithic Baby!
Released in May 2004 by SPV.
Produced by Scott Humphrey and Dave Wyndorf.
Lineup changes:
Jim Baglino replaced Joe Calandra on bass and Bob Pantella replaced Jon Kleiman on drums.
Tracks: 14

4-Way Diablo
Released in November 2007 by SPV.
Produced by Matt Hyde.
Lineup changes:
Phil Caivano did not play on this album.
Tracks: 14

Here are a couple of live videos:

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