Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quote of the Day

This quote is in regards to legalizing drugs:
"Americans have been so suppressed for so long that given that kind of freedom they would tend to abuse it"

This quote was from Dave Wyndorf of the band Monster Magnet. This is a pretty strange quote coming from him in my opinion considering his band is categorized as a stoner-rock band, or a drug-rock band. Apparently in recent years he has decided to clean up.

That being said, in regards to the quote, I never really thought about it that way. As much as I kind of ride the fence on the drug control issue, leaning more toward the legalize them stance (which, by the way, is one of the big differences between my political philosophy and that of the Republican Party's) this quote does kind of make sense to me.

I believe that drugs should be legalized and taxed simply for the fact that people going to jails and prisons simply because they were caught with "illegal" drugs is a burden on our police forces, a burden on our criminal justice system and a burden on our tax system because our tax dollars have to go toward paying for the "War on Drugs".

However....pondering on this quote. I wonder. Should we really legalize them? If they are made legal are more kids going to end up taking this and spin our country and its youth further down the sewer? Would our country's young people become even more depraved than now? Perhaps.

With the legalization of currently illegal narcotics surely the crime rate will drop. The crime rate pertaining to drug crimes only though. Would the crime rate jump as it pertains to violent crimes or any other types of criminal activity? Will we see the rise of kids getting hopped up on PCP and going down to the local convenience store and robbing it just because they think it is a cool trippy thing to do? Who knows.

Maybe my stance on drug control might change a bit as I ponder this a lot more. I still think the war on drugs is a money vacuum and does little to control drugs. Is there some other way to control drugs without spending trillions of dollars on the issue? Surely our elected officials can come up with some better idea. Then again, most of our elected officials are not the brightest crayons in the box.

Oh well, another hot-button issue to ponder on more to determine where I really stand.

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