Saturday, March 06, 2010

Best Job For Personality Quiz

Stole this one from Dave at his blog. Thanks Dave! LoL!

My results state that I am an IFSP, which means I am:
Feeling, and

According to the quiz this means I am sensitive, friendly, easy going and kind and that I am non-confrontational.
The IFSP personality represents a person that is committed to their beliefs but will not force options on others. They are most successful when they are able to work at their own pace and are very loyal to those important to them.

Yeah, I can kind of see that about me.

So....according to this quiz, the jobs I am best suited for are:
artist/performer (duh)
clergy (uhm, ok)
psychologist/counselor (hmm...)
marketing specialist (don't really see that)
technical specialist (huh?)
website developer (ok, that goes along with artist i think)
interior designer (no, i don't see that)

Interestingly enough, Dave and I are both ISFP.

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