Monday, March 15, 2010

Brogdon on the Issues

Here is a breakdown of the few of the issues and how Gubernatorial candidate Randy Brogdon feels about them:


Believes that federal and state mandates should be eliminated and focus the responsibilty of eduation on the parents and teachers.

Health Care

Wants to propose an amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution that would prohibit any law to force someone to participate in any health care system.


Believes that "Since Congress has shirked the responsibility to protect us from invasion, both foreign and domestic, it is the responsibility of State leaders to do so."


Brogdon is 100% pro-life. He authored a bill that requires a doctor to give an ultra-sound prior to performing an abortion.

Gun Rights

Believes in the right of the people to keep and bear arms in order to protect themselves.


Believes that taxes that are earmarked for transportation should stay in the transportation department instead of being diverted to the general revenue fund and be used to build and maintain roads and bridges.

If you are interested you can read more about Randy at his official website here.

Personally, I like his stance on the issues but I'm not sure if I am really ready to jump on board the Brogdon bandwagon yet. To be honest, I don't think he stands much of a chance against Mary Fallin...not saying that I fully support her yet either though.

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  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Six months ago Brogdon's chances of winning looked pretty bleak. He was only a 1% name ID at the time of his announcement for Governor and Fallin had 86% of the vote. Since then, Fallin has spent $1.1 million dollars to Brogdon's $175 thousands and she has seen a continueal dive in her numbers (51% in the latest Rassmussen poll). The pool showed Brogdon was in a statistical dead heat against both well-known Democrat candidate. All this shows that as more people hear Brogdon's message of "Restoring the Constitution" people are getting energized!

    Not supporting a better candidate because you don't believe he has a chance against another candidate plays in the hands of the establishment. Always vote for the best and you will be better for it!