Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Poll: Governor in 2010!

This week's poll is political in nature.

The question is: Who is your choice to be our state's next governor?

Is it:

Mary Fallin
Randy Brogdon
Jari Askins
Drew Edmondson
or Other

Keep in mind the question is who is your CHOICE, not who do you think will actually win.

Be honest folks. And remember, if you choose Other please leave a comment here.

Happy voting!


  1. Honestly my vote is for None Of The Above. I think that Mary Fallin will probably be the next Governor and that my vote will be meaningless.

    It seems that some Jari Askins fans have been hitting your poll.

  2. I've become a big fan of Sen. Randy Brogdon, here.

    He's been doing a knockout job in the State Senate and has consistently shown that he understands where to draw the line between the Federal Government and the State Government. He's aware of the importance of state sovereignty, so I trust him that he will not make a poor decision in this area.

    I don't fully trust the others. Even Fallin voted for the TARP bailout. A greater leader would have stood strong under that pressure without giving in during the fevered pitch.

    They might all be nice people, but I trust Brogdon with Oklahoma's sovereignty more.

  3. Anonymous6:08 PM

    hey dave if that truely is what you believe feel free to stay home on election day, i'll vote for mr. brogdon

  4. terry6:10 PM

    dave, if that is how you really feel stay home on election day,i would hate for your vote to count, i am voting for mr. brogdon

  5. Cheryl6:44 PM

    I'm voting for Randy Brogdon for Governor! He is the leader we need!

  6. Looks like a lot more people came and voted on this poll after you left that comment Dave.

    Brogdon is waaaay far ahead of everyone.

    At the time I posted THIS comment, 182 people have voted and Brogdon has gotten 108 of those votes and Jari has only gotten 24 (which is still almost half of what Mary Fallin is getting).

  7. Oh I’m going to vote, don’t worry Terry and Anonymous. My point was that no matter who I vote for, Marry Fallin is going to win. I will probably vote for whoever the Democratic candidate is, as a protest vote more than anything else.

    Steve – When I wrote my first comment, there were 24 votes and 21 of them had gone to Jari Askins.