Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Return of the Poll!!

Remember when I used to do these?

For those that don't remember (and for those readers that are new readers), every so often I would put a poll up on my sidebar for my readers to vote on.

This week's poll is going to be a poll of what film you think is Martin Scorsese's best.

Now I am only going to list 6 films even though he has done more. I will also include the obligatory "Other" so those that think a film not listed in my list is the best. And PLEASE remember that if you do choose OTHER, to leave a comment on THIS post with your selection.

Here are your options:
  1. Taxi Driver
  2. Raging Bull
  3. Goodfellas
  4. Cape Fear
  5. Gangs of New York
  6. The Departed
  7. Other
Happy Voting and may the best movie win!!!

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