Monday, March 22, 2010

The Shame of the Nation

Last night Congress showed us once again that they have no common sense in trying to overhaul the health care system by putting a tourniquet on a bug bite.

They did nothing to address the cost issues in our nation's health care system. They did nothing to address tort reform. They did nothing to foster true competition among health insurance carriers.

All it really did is raise taxes on the American people and limits their freedom by placing unnecessary requirements on us all.

But I think we can still fix it.

First, the state legislature could adopt nullification legislation to make the citizens of Oklahoma unaffected by the recently passed legislation.

But secondly, and I think more importantly, we can fire all of the Senators and Congressmen (and women) that voted for that piece of trash bill and elect people that still care that this country was built on the Constitution and will not allow its elected officials to trample on it.

Mark my words today. The American people are going to do some house cleaning come November. Mark my words.

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