Friday, March 26, 2010

Tom Cole On the Issues

Tom Cole represents Oklahoma's 4th Congressional District, which is comprised of south Central Oklahoma County (Midwest City, Moore, Norman, Lawton, Ardmore, etc.). This is currently my district.



Civil Rights

Opposed to same-sex marraige.
Supports Constitutioinal Amendment to ban flag desecration.


Opposed to letting shareholders vote on executive compensation.

Energy and Oil

Opposed to tax credits for renewable energy.
Supports building new oil refineries.

The Economy

Like Frank Lucas, voted NO on the Sept 2008 stimulus package but voted YES on the July 2009 stimulus package.
Opposed to the auto industry bailout.
Opposed to the July 2009 Cash for Clunkers program.

Foreign Policy

Supports restricting U.S. funding of the United Nations.

Government Reform

Supports Congressional pay raises.
Supports requiring photo ID for federal elections.
Supports restrictions on grassroots political committees.

Gun Control

Pro-gun rights.


  1. What exactly does “Supports restrictions on grassroots political committees” mean? I’ve noticed that on a lot of these characters’ stances and if it means what I think it means, then it is not a good thing.

    I also live in Cole’s district and I will not be voting for him in November.

  2. I'm not sure exactly what it means either but I don't like the sound of it either.

    I will research it and probably post about it.