Monday, March 22, 2010

Washington Attorney General Challenges Health Care Bill

According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Washington state Attorney General, Rob McKenna is going to challenge the constitutionality of the newly-passed health care bill.

McKenna was quoted as saying that the bill:
"...unconstitutionally imposes new requirements on our state and on its citizens."
I am sure that the requirements he is mentioning is referring to the part of the bill that REQUIRES every American citizen to obtain health care insurance.

According to McKenna the requirement for us to buy health insurance violates the commerce clause and the 10th Amendment to the Constitution that deals with the sovereignty of the states.

Where in the hell does the federal government get off telling US that we HAVE to buy health insurance?

Apparently, also according to the article, Washington state governor Christine Gregoire is not particularly happy with the state's Attorney General and plans to oppose his efforts. It sure is a good thing that Gregoire has absolute no power to oppose what the attorney general does. Governor Gregoire basically can do two things. Jack and shit.

Attorney generals in other states have announced that they will file lawsuits on behalf of their citizens as well. These state include: Alabama, Florida, South Carolina (big surprise there), Nebraska, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah.

Okay folks, why isn't Oklahoma on this list? Two words. Drew Edmondson.


  1. Are you suggesting that the OK Attorney General hasn’t filed suit yet simply because he is a Democrat? Because to be fair, I’m not sure if the ink is even dry on the bill yet so the fact that he hasn’t jumped on the lets-sue-the-fed bandwagon doesn’t seem that bad to me. Has he even stated what his position on the bill is? Also, could it be possible that he doesn’t think that a lawsuit against the fed, which if history is any guide will fail, is the best way to spend OK tax dollars. I’m honestly just trying to give the man the benefit of the doubt.

  2. No, I'm not suggesting he didn't file suit because of his party affiliation. I'm suggesting he didn't file a lawsuit because he is who he is.

    Remember that our state's own Dan Boren, who is a DEMOCRAT, voted AGAINST the bill.

    Amen Dan. Glad not all Democrats are Obama drones.