Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Keep in mind that there are pleeenty of other movies that are coming out and that these are just the ones that caught my eye.


A Nightmare on Elm Street
Remake of the Wes Craven classic horror movie. I am not sure that I will see in the theater but I definitely am interested in seeing it just to see what they do to re-boot this franchise.

Clash of the Titans
Another remake however from what I have read about it has little to do with the original movie from the 1980s. I've seen previews of it though. Looks like it might be worth a view.


Iron Man
Definitely gotta see this one in the theater. My only gripe about the movie from what I've read about it is the producers replacing Terrance Howard as Rhodey with Don Cheadle. Not a slam against Cheadle but I think Howard made a perfect Rhodey.

Robin Hood
Not sure how many movies have been made from this story but I'm sure it numbers in the hundreds. Still, I like the story and would not mind seeing another Hollywood version. This one stars Russell Crowe as the lead character and Ridley Scott directs. Can't go wrong with that duo.

Shrek Forever After
It's Shrek. C'mon.


The A-Team.
They're updating this great TV show by making the crew veterans of the Iraq War instead of the Vietnam War. Might be worth a viewing.

Toy Story 3.
Ahh yeah! I know my boy is excited about it.

NOVEMBER(yeah, July through October just didn't seem appealing)

Red Dawn
Re-make of the early 80s classic has the United States being invaded by Russian and Chinese armies.


Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
I've seen the first two. I liked them both. Might as well check this one out too.

Tron Legacy
Sequel to a movie that I never thought there would be a sequel to. I have to see it just to figure out why they would bother. Interestingly enough, Jeff Bridges is returning for this movie.

Yogi Bear
Really? This should be interesting.


The Green Hornet
Was never really a big fan of this comic book but I gotta check it out just because it is a comic book movie.

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