Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Interview with Kevin Calvey

Kevin Calvey is one of the candidates running as a Republican for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District. I sent out interview requests to all of the known candidates running for this seat. Mr. Kevin Calvey was the first one to respond with his answers. Here are those answers:

Okay, first question.

Why are you running for Congress?

I am running for Congress for much the same reason that I volunteered to deploy to Iraq in 2006, after I had left the State Legislature: I could no longer sit idly by and watch others bear all the burden of defending our country against terrorism, and now I can no longer sit idly by and watch President Obama and Congress destroy our country.

As far as your Republican opponents go, what makes you different from them? Why should someone vote for you as opposed to Thompson, Flanigan or Lankford.

I have greater knowledge of the issues and greater experience with the types of procedures necessary to fight liberal leadership, bring us conservatives back into the majority, and hold Republican leadership's feet to the fire once we regain control of Congress. And I have the life experience as a small businessman, and as the only candidate to serve our country in a combat zone, to make informed choices about the issues facing our country.

If you were elected to Congress, what would you priority be in your first term? That is, what is the #1 issue that concerns you and how would you address it?

Top priority is promoting economic growth by greatly reducing federal spending, and thereby promoting freedom under the rule of law, our Constitution. Congress is spending us into bankruptcy.

How do you feel about term limits?

I support term limits.

How do you feel about salary caps for elected officials?

I support salary caps for elected officials. I will never vote for a pay increase for Congress. If Congress passes a pay increase anyway, I will donate the amount of that increase to charities that serve military personnel and veterans.

Do you support legislation that would make English the official language of the United States? Why or why not?

I support legislation that would make English the official language of the United States because it is our common heritage, and because history proves that nations with multiple official languages rarely survive long.

Along the same lines as that last question, is illegal immigration a major concern for our country and if so, what are your thoughts on how to fix the problem?

Illegal immigration is a major concern. We fix the problem by enforcing the current law, and by no longer allowing automatic citizenship to children born in the US to mothers here illegally.

What are you thoughts on tax reform? Do you support the Fair Tax? Why or why not?

I support the Fair Tax as a reform that will spur economic growth, reduce wasteful tax compliance costs, force the underground economy to pay its fair share of taxes, and make America more competitive in international trade.

What do you think is the best way to fix the failing education system in our country?

Education is a state and local issue, not a federal issue. I would turn over federal education programs to the states.

Do you support legislation that would defines life as beginning at conception?


What are your thoughts on health care reform? Does the system need to be reformed and if so, how would you go about doing it?

The ObamaCare bill is a monstrosity that must be repealed. Ultimately, health care is a state issue, not a federal issue. But until we are able to turn responsibility for health care over to the states, we should encourage tort reform to prevent unnecessary legal expenses and wasteful defensive medicine; give a tax break for health insurance and medical costs directly to individuals rather than just to employers, thereby encouraging individual responsibility for one's own health care; and break up insurance monopolies by allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines.

Do you feel like the two-party system has lost touch with the American people and do you think a third party would ever have a chance at elected a third party canidate to a major political position?

Both major political parties bear some of the blame for our fiscal mess. The Democrats in control now are ten times worse than the Republicans were when they last had control, but that is no excuse for Republicans spending too much when they had power. But a third party is not practical. The practical way to reform the system is to leverage the existing power of one of the major parties. Since the Republicans are not as bad as the Democrats, the goal should be to ensure greater fiscal discipline among elected Republicans, and then get them into the majority.

Last question....

What are your thoughts about the Tea Party Movement?

I love the Tea Party movement! I have been fighting liberals/progressives for almost 20 years, and it is great to have reinforcements!

Any final thoughts?

To contribute or volunteer for my campaign, or to get more information, please check out my website at www.kevincalvey.com. I humbly ask for your support for Congress. May God bless you!

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  1. I'm glad that Calvey agreed to do this interview but I've got to be honest, based on these answers he sounds like an atypical politician.