Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not Always Right (April 29)

(The Customer Is) Not Always Right is a website that I frequent. It contains funny (and sadly actual) stories from people that work in some way, shape or form in the customer service industry about some of their more interesting encounters with the people that are paid to serve.

I am going to start a new installment here on Otter Limits where I will post my favorite one of the day (keep in mind this will probably not actually be a daily installment due to the fact that I don't always blog or don't always remember to blog every day). Anyway, I thought you might enjoy this one:

Ask Her to Close All Windows Next (from a tech support rep in South Carolina)

Me: “Can you get online?”

Customer: “How do you do that?”

Me: “Do you see Internet Explorer?”

Customer: “Where do I see that?”

Me: “It should be on your desktop.”

Customer: *rustling papers* “I don’t see it on my desk anywhere. Are you sure it is here?”

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