Monday, April 12, 2010

Season to Risk: DoTM

Season to Risk
Released in 1992 by Columbia Records.
Band lineup:
Steve Tulipana - vocals; Duane Trower - guitar; Paul Malinowski - bass; Peter Murray - drums.
Tracks: 11
"Mine Eyes" "Snakes" "Biter" and "Why See Straight"

In A Perfect World
Released in 1994 by Columbia.
Lineup changes:
Jason Gerkin replaced Murray on drums.
Tracks: 11
"Jack Frost"

Season to Risk 1992-1997
Compilation released in 1998 by Thick Records.
Tracks: 25

Men Are Monkeys, Robots Win
Released in 1998 by Thick Records.
Lineup changes:
Josh Newton replaced Malinowski on bass and David Silver replaced Gerkin on drums.
Tracks: 23
"Intoit" and "Gameover"

The Shattering
Released in 2001 by Owned and Operated Records.
Lineup changes:
Bill Smith replaced Newton on bass.
Tracks: 12
Pretty much the entire CD.

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