Sunday, May 09, 2010

Movie Review: Iron Man 2

Yesterday, my girlfriend tells me that my mom took Joey to go see Iron Man 2. What?!? I’m jealous! I wanted to go see that and I’m stuck at work! So she says we will go see it after I get home from work. Sweet!

So we go and watch it and here is what I thought about it.

In general, very good movie. It had its flaws but overall, very good movie.

Great action. Lots of it.

I liked how they gave Samuel L Jackson a bigger part in this movie and I like that War Machine was in it (I always thought War Machine was cooler than Iron Man anyway). I was kind of sad to see that they had replaced Terrence Howard but Don Cheadle did a really good job filling his shoes (truth be known though, I would have rather seen Howard in the War Machine suit).

The teaser at the end of the movie after the credits was really cool (no spoilers here though).

However, here is what I did not like about it.

Although I liked the character and the actor playing it did a very good job, I was not impressed with the fact that the main bad guy was someone that the writers of the movie just made up. In other words, it is not a character from the original Marvel comics universe. It’s like they couldn't think of what bad guy to use in the film so they just decided to make one appear out of thin air. Oh well, I guess it can’t be EXACTLY like the comic books. Still not a movie killer.

The only other thing I did not like about it is that as far as the plot goes, there was entirely too much going on. Way too many sub-plots. It’s like they took 2 more movies worth of plot and smashed into this one film. But like the other flaw, still not a movie killer.

So, as I said, all in all, really good movie. I think Marvel Entertainment has been doing a good job lately with the superhero movies they are releasing and I look forward to the rest of them.

Speaking of which, the next film in the Marvel universe will be Thor, followed by Captain America (both of which will be released in 2011) and then in 2012….The Avengers movie!

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