Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Punk Rock Wedding!

Who in the world gets married a punk rock show?

Who do you ask? Well, I do. And if you really knew me and my new wife, you might not think it that strange at all.

Dave posted a bit about it on his blog's review of the show itself (7 Degrees Live).

How did all of this happen? It was not planned at all, well, maybe it was a little. Let me rewind a bit to about a week ago and explain a bit. Actually, I will rewind a bit more to give you readers some background information.

So I moved back to Oklahoma back in February from Seattle as most of you may already know. In any case, I met this really awesome girl (Mandy) shortly after moving back. We hit it off immediately. And I do mean immediately. From the very beginning, we just simple clicked. We knew there was something there and knew almost immediately that we wanted to be together. So we started dating and then about a month later, I proposed to her (by the way, she said yes after I had to remind her that she had not answered me yet).

So the wedding plans began. Originally, the wedding date was going to be October 10, 2010. 10-10-10. Pretty cool huh. Would have been pretty cool but certain aspects of the planning which I will not get into here just started getting really frustrating and we started thinking of eloping. Like going to Vegas or something like that and just doing it.

So that brings us to last week.

I was talking to Stephen Egerton (guitar player for the Descendents/ALL) whom I met about 10 or so years ago and have been talking via online for the past few years. Anyway, I was talking to him about the show coming up on the 14th. During the conversation, I made an off-hand comment about getting married at his show. I asked something about whether or not he knew any ordained ministers that might be at his show and how cool it would be if Mandy and I could get married at his show. We kind of laughed about it and he said he would see what he could do.

So............the night of the show. Mandy stayed at home with the kids that night so I show go to the show with Dave (who, by the way, was to be my best man at the wedding) and walk over to Stephen and say hi. We talk for a bit. Catch up. Talking to his wife a bit. They were both at their merchandise table. So we talked a bit. I bought some things. That sort of stuff.

Then Dave and I meander over to the stage area to start watching the bands.

A wee bit later, Stephen comes over to me and states that he forgot to tell me before but he got a minister there and that we could totally do the wedding there! I tell him that Mandy is not here with us and he tells me to get her there.

First of all, I am a bit surprised in the first place that he even remembered that conversation with as much as he had going on that week. On top of that, he actually had a minister there!

So I leave the venue to make a phone call to Mandy and explain what is going on. At first, to me, it sounded like she did not think I was serious. Also, she had a few drinks and did not want to drive. And she was in her pajamas and did not want to change clothes. So I tell her I will figure something out. After getting off the phone with her, I call her sister (who, by the way, was to be her matron of honor) and explain the situation to her.

Needless to say about 40 minutes later, they show up at the venue. The venue, by the way, is The Conservatory on North Western in Oklahoma City.

We get together with the minister and talk to him about it. Totally cool guy. A punk rock pastor. Really cool! Anyway, we finish talking to him and get back over to Stephen and tell him things are a go. He explains his entire set with us so that we can do the ceremony in a really cool part of the show. After a bit of discussion, we decide to do it between the songs "Sunny Disposition" and "She's Got Everything" both sung by Scott Reynolds (formerly of ALL and the Pavers). Really amazing singer and all around great guy.

So the time comes and Stephen gets me and Mandy and the minister (whose name is Brett by the way) up on the stage in front of the entire crowd and we do it. We get married. At a punk rock show. On stage. How cool is that!!!! After the kiss and after Brett announces us, Scott (at Mandy's suggestion) jumps off the stage and grabs a couple of shots of Jameson from the bar for us. Great ending to an amazing, short and sweet ceremony.

So aside from an amazing show which Dave did a really amazing review of, one of the weirdest and coolest wedding ceremonies that you are ever going to see took place!

What a great memory!

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